18 Months.

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18 things I love about you

1. Your smile with fingers in your mouth

2.  Your giggles when you belly laugh

3.  Our time breastfeeding

4.  The way you say “all done!”

5.  The way you share with others

6.  The pouty o-shape you make when you say “googoo”

7.  Your love for books

8. The way you name all of your stuffed animals in your crib

9.  The way you say “chachit i-eeee” when you are asked what your favorite food is

10.  The way you give hugs, especially to Oscar

11.  How you proudly run down the street

12. How you randomly stop running and bang on the ground

13.  You ridiculously gorgeous blue eyes

14.  How random people stop to say how cute you are

15.  How you like to make friends with everyone

16.  Your fake laugh

17.  The way you entertain yourself before you fall asleep

(excuse the flipped video)

18. The way that you have made your daddy and I (and anyone else who loves you) feel like the luckiest people in the world.

I love you, my best boy.  You make me feel complete.

Love, Mama

photo 2