Race Not, Want Not


Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 2.28.17 PM

Supposed to be a play on “waste not, want not,”  what I mean to say is that this morning’s 5k just didn’t happen. While I was totally looking forward to this race because I truly believe in its cause (at least my money still was donated) and honestly wanted to know what an accurate 5k race time would be for myself (have never actually raced a 5k; usually do longer distances), I just couldn’t do it.  I didn’t sleep well last night; I feel/felt like I was getting sick. I woke up around 5am feeling SUPER achy and just KNEW I had to scratch my race plans.  Bummer, but all in all I think a good decision.  I need to give my body a chance to chill and to fight whatever it is up against 😉  I can’t afford to be fully sick right now; toddlers and sickness just don’t mix well, yaknowwhatimean?!  Aw man!  Just checked the results and my friend who helps organize got first in our age division!  You go girl!  And damn!  I think I coulda pulled a top 4!  Oh well 😉


Bummer too because I have finally found my best fueling option:

photo 4

YUP.  Anyway, today was spent napping and chilling on the couch so far.  There was a cool fair (3 Bears) that I wanted to attend but I had to miss it and send husband with Z.  Oh well, I am sure there will be many a more fall fests to attend.  Speaking of fall, I STOKED that my work (NEST) is having a pumpkin decorating contest because I have a SLAMMING idea 😉  Will share when it is complete; I don’t want those other rascals to steal my idea 😉  I kiiiiid (not really)!

photo 3

Yesterday we went to the Watermark to participate in a monthly event that I helped create with a friend called Generations Connect.  It is an amazing program that I highly suggest you be a part of (email me for dets).  Our mission statement is to help foster respect for our elderlies through music, crafts and playtime. OK, nooooow I’m rambling 😉  Hope you are having a fun fall-filled weekend!

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