Friends who Cook.


Guys, I don’t have many friends (wow, now that was a lovely way to start a post) but those who I do call my friends are TRULY the best. ¬†I value quality over quantity…and those who cook ūüôā ¬†Yesterday husband and I had the privilege of attending a friend’s home for a dinner party with our other friends. ¬†The “chef” of the evening is, in fact, a REAL trained chef. ¬†Let’s put it like this; we left with satisfied, full bellies and hearts full of laughter. ¬†(Wow, that was cheesy but so true). ¬†We had an amazing meal with a side of Cards Against Humanity (kinda the funniest thing ever- I completely recommend you playing this game). Oh, and these might’ve happened…

photo 2

Jello shots inside an orange peel. You know, keeping it classy.

Which might have spawned this…

photo 4

But anyyyyway, back to the real deal: the meal!  So, the chef was up against some challenges. So it was three couples: chef and her husband, me and mine, and C and hers.  So C has a few dietary restrictions including no dairy and I cannot believe how Chef delivered! First course: French onion unreal:

photo 5

And the non-dairy version:

Um homemade croutons?!

Um homemade croutons?!

Second course: an amazing lightly dressed (with a lemony vinaigrette)

photo 3

Main course:  Prime rib Рholy cow this chick can cook!

photo 1

The most amaaaazing squash (I STILL don’t know how she did it) and mushroom truffle risotto (with a non-dairy version).

photo 1

PS:  I totally revisited that squash post run this afternoon.  Yup, she even sent me with leftovers!

photo 5

THEN came dessert!  Camera ate that photo (or the jello shots, possibly the wine?)  Brownies and Amaretto cookies!  Salivating just thinking about it.

SERIOUSLY.  Amazing food.  Amazing company.  Amazing friends.