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I run when I am sad.

I run when I am happy.

I run when I am frustrated.

I run when I need to think.

I run to stay physically fit.

I run to prove to myself what I am capable of.

I run to compete with myself.

I run to avoid things.

I run to become faster.

I run to become stronger.

I run to get in touch with my body.

I run to be strong for my son.

I run to make myself proud.

I run to forget.

I run to remember.

I run because it makes sense to me.

I run because it feels good.

I run because it is never the same.

I run through tears.

I run through triumph.

I run through sickness.

I run through aches.

I run through baby naps.

I run through mental blocks.

I run through cramps.

I run for myself.

I run for charity.

I run for my baby.

I run for those who cannot.

I run because I can.

And I will run until I can’t.

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