The REAL life of a blogger

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Let’s be honest.

MOST bloggers chose to blog about the most lovely parts of their lives:  

The fantastic homemade meals

photo 5

The best training runs


The great play dates

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 8.51.01 PM

The wonderful dates with their husbands

The Husband was getting prematurely undressed hehe LOL!  I kid!

The Best races EVER

At the finish line (courtesy of

At the finish line (courtesy of

The beautiful outfits worn

Here I am doing MY best royal impression LOL

The great hair and makeup days


The great times with family

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.21.13 PM

The amazing life achievements

Dad upsanddownes and me

Dad upsanddownes and me

Most do NOT chose to write about

Takeout meals that were forced because you just f-ing didn’t feel like cooking


The races that kick your ass and send you to the toilet (literally)

finish looking down

The play date you couldn’t make it to because your morning was so awful you simply couldn’t make it out of the house

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.20.35 PM

The horrible runs when you want to quit from the first step


The times when you are down on yourself and simply feel like shit.

Yea, that pic pretty much sums it up.

Yea, that pic pretty much sums it up.

My point:  not every day is a great day. This week, in fact, has kinda sucked.  So when you read blogs, read them with a grain of salt and realized that they (we) are humans and have DOWNES as well as the UPS that we so happily and readily report.  Just a little PSA 🙂  Anyway, hopefully next week will be better.  Until then, cheers 🙂