Scenes from Halloween 2013

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Obligatory Halloween Post?  Call it what you want but Halloween was amaaaazing!  It was the first “real” Halloween for Zach as last year he was too young to understand it (and say Chachit-chocolate).  Zach has a CRAZY sweet tooth and this Halloween certainly satisfied it for him.  And yea, I am probably mother of the year for this, but he is TOO funny with candy!  Many people asked me if he truly “understood the holiday” and I would definitely say “YES.”

photo 1

The day started with a trip to Nest for a fun Halloween-themed music class.

photo 2

Then, after nap-time, we headed over to Seger park for their festivities where we enjoyed free pizza and treats.  So fun!  What a great park, event and association!

photo 1

“Gamah” (Grandma) came along for the fun and Z loooooved repeating her name 🙂

photo 2

Then, we made our way through the nearby neighborhood to do some trick-or-treating!

photo 3

Zach absolutely LOVEd picking out a piece of candy from each person’s stash.  He picked VERY carefully and kept saying “chachit, chachit, chachit.”

photo 4

He ended up with QUITE the goody bag!

photo 5Now…if Mama can only keep her hands out of the stash 😉  Hope you had an amazing Halloween and that all was Boo-tiful!


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