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Who is Kim, might you ask?  Don’t worry; I asked myself that MANY times until I finally figured out who.  At first I thought it was Zachy talk for “cream” (his word for cream sounds similar to “Kim.”).  And then, I finally realized.  This is Kim:

photo 5

Yup, for any of you mommies out there aware of the many Sesame Street characters, this is in fact NOT Kim,but I believe Prairie Dawn, but Zach decided her name was Kim.  And that is just one of the many ridiculously hilariously funny things he does.  Sorry, I had to share that story.  Here are some other funny nuances Z has been exhibiting lately:

photo 1

Stickers on his nose.

photo 3

Getting in the toy basket at Mema’s.

photo 4

His smooshy face.

photo 2

And something too cute; his growing love of books ❤ (insert melting heart)

OK, just a short but sweet post 😉  Hope you all are well!

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