Rothman 8K, 2013, For Ashley

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photo 1

There are many reasons I run.  But mostly, I run becuase I can, and for those who cannot.  Saturday’s race was a very special one becuase it was my first with Moms in Training, a subdivision of Team in Training.  Here is a blurb about MIT:

Moms have a special bond that should be celebrated.  LLS’ new program MIT recruits moms who are passionate about fighting blood cancers and saving lives.  MIT will get you ready to run or walk the Rothman Institute 8k (5 miles) to help raise money to fight cancer.  You’ll get in great shape and meet other Moms in the area!

photo 2

I have had the privilege to meet and chat with our team hero, Ashley, for whom we ran the race.  Her story and presence at the race on race morning, helped to push me farther and faster than I could have imagined.  She truly is a hero.

I left everything I had out on the road on Saturday and I am stoked because of my time, but more becuase of my effort.  I pushed and pushed and couldn’t have pushed more 🙂  Those are the races you know you raced well.  Going into the race, I was a bit concerned; Zach had been sick all week (and up for much of the night before) and quite honestly, I had NO idea how to race an 8K.  For a 5K (actually haven’t raced this recently), I knew I could just all out sprint and that’s what would work, and for a 10 miler or half marathon, I have trained and know how to pace.  But and 8K (5 miles) is quite a different story.  It seemed to long to all out sprint, but too short to pace as I would a 10-miler (race pace= 8:40) or more.  So I decided to play it by ear.  It was cole race morning, and the adrenaline was pumping.  All of the moms were clustered somewhat together and I was wearing my magical headband that Ashley gave me (that subsequently I lost somehow bummerrrr) and the spirit was high.  When the race started, I took off and knew I was going to just go for it: SPRINT THE ENTIRE THING.  Whatevs, what was the worst that could happen?  Burnout?  Yup.  Rookie mistake, as I always make, went out WAY too fast (seems to be my trend, but hey, it always has worked in the past!). So I decided to not look at my Garmin until I truly felt like I could not sprint anymore. Turns out this was at about mile 3.67.  I KNEW that I was going fast and could see at each mile marker time clock that I was clocking around 8 minute miles which is totally fast for me.  I will admit, I started to lose it around mile 4 and cursed myself for going out soooo fast. I wanted to stop SOOOO badly but kept reminding myself of Ashley’s struggle and the it gave me the strength to push through. At about mile 4.25 I started to cramp REALLY badly.  I stopped for five seconds and thought to myself “NOOOOO KEEP PUSHING.  YOU CANNOT STOP within a mile from the finish!”  So with that five second stop/reality check, I pushed on.  I crossed the finish line with a bang and a fist pump…really.

photo 3

Not to toot

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.53.57 AM

I was SOOOO excited and immediately went back to the finish line to pull some of the other moms in.  We all went back to our tent where we reunited, I thanked Ashley for the motivation, and met up with my favorites:

photo 5

Poor buddy was up all night sick 😦

photo 4

But he braved it and came to cheer mama at the finish.  Anyway, Saturday was so fabulous in many ways.  THANK you  Moms in Training, and thank you Ashley for being SUCH an inspiration.  xoxo

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