Hamee Dee


LOL.  For those who don’t speak Zach language, that is Sesame Street. Zach likes Sesame Street.  In fact, he has aaalmost all of the stuffed (monster) animals from the show, with his latest addition being Snuffy.  He can’t say Snuffy so he scrunches his face in the cutest way and says more like “hmuffy.”  HILARIOUS.

photo 4

He likes “playing” with his animals (ie dragging them around the house, or even cuter, reading to them…I die) and loves anything with a “Hamee” theme.

IMG_5843IMG_5915 IMG_5925 IMG_5937

So here comes the big question of the post:  IS IT OK TO LET YOUR KID WATCH TV?!  In this case, it is “Hamee Dee,” or Sesame Street.  Here is my opinion, and how I handle Z and TV:


Let’s be honest: Zach has a really short attention span, so about 10 minutes is all I need to worry about in terms of face time with the TV.  So I use morning time to allow Zach a few minutes of Sesame Street.  Why?  Because

A.  He gets SOOOO excited

B.  I grew up on Sesame Street and turned out pretty well (hehe)

C.  It is indeed educational; he has already learned a bunch of things from it including the beginning of ABCs

D.  He has no interest in any other TV show

E.  Let’s be honest, if I am trying to get anywhere in the am (I plan most of our activities in the morning) I need ten minutes where I know Z is occupied (sprawled out on the couch sucking his fingers engrossed in Elmo/Mr Noodle, Super Grover or Abby’s Flying Fairy School) and safe.  Read:  I put my contacts in, brush my teeth, get dressed and get Z’s clothes and bag together.

So, there is your answer:  I may not be mom of the year, and I know there are moms out there who are SUPER against TV  but I feel that this works for us.  And as a mom, that is the best you can do!