Singing Intervals and The Streak Update

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Hellooooo!  So, a few things:  The streak was unfortunately “un-streaked” last Saturday, when (tmi warning) the only running I was doing was to the potty 😉  For reals.  Bummer.  It didn’t stray me from making December a successful running month though.  I’m still at it 😉 This brings me to my next point!  I have a new workout for ya’ll that I “made up” the other day while bored with my typical TV watching treadmill routine.  Seriously though, for this workout you just need the following:

1. Some rockin’ tunes

2.  A treadmill in private (or some guts to belt it out at the gym) or an outside running route

OK, so I did a little experiment on the treadmill.  I had just finished belting “Loose Yourself” and found myself EXTREMELY out of breath.  Fact:  at a certain level of running fitness, it is challenging to get your pulse up in tempo runs or other mono-speed runs.  This is why we do speed intervals; do increase our fitness (cardiovascularly and otherwise).  So I thought to myself; what a a GREAT workout idea!  Here is what you do:  Warm up 1-2 miles listening to whatever music (don’t sing). THEN, bust our 4-5 of your favorite tunes.  You will notice that as you are singing, your heart rate will increase a LOT and during the music interludes, it will decrease, thus creating natural cardio-intervals that will mimic speed training without having to press the buttons on the treadmill.  Granted, it will not make you faster, but it WILL increase your cardio-endurance and is good for your ticker 😉 It is a fun routine to add into your mix of running workouts.  Seriously, try it.  I used the following mix of songs the other day and found it to be SO fun and challenging.

photo 5

photo 4


photo 3


photo 2

I even got scientific with it and took my pulse after running at speed 6.3 NOT singing, pulse was 90.  At the same speed after belting a verse of “Sabotage” my pulse was 136!  Don’t forget to use the musical interludes to bring the heart rate down.  Now, this might sound nutty to you, but try it!  It is super fun, good for a running workout…and a sign that I think WAY too much about running 😉 Happy running adventures and stay warm!  OH and ps…

photo 1

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