New Year Resolutions: The definition of insanity…

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Is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, right?!  Or so I hear.  Anyway, I NEVER make New Year Resolutions.  Honestly, for me, they just don’t work.  Hence, the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result).  BUT, this year I have decided to focus on some BROAD goals for myself, that, albeit a “new year” are good fixes for ANYTIME.  I truly am not a big fan of the “lose weight, workout more, be less of a bitch nicer” resolutions.  Those are meant to be broken 😉 Let’s go broad or go home.  So here, broken down into 4 major categories, are some (lofty) goals, not just for 2014, but for me!

1.  DIET-  This is going to sound SOOOOO cliche, but I REALLY need to eat more vegetables.


It is so sad, but there are definitely too many days that pass without a veggie in my belly.  Not good.  I should be modeling better veggie-eating for Zach and it will benefit my body as well.  I want to incorporate more and new vegetables into my meals, not just dinner (when a veg occasionally appears now-a-days).  I want to learn to cook and prepare them in different ways as well.  I will keep you posted 😉

2.  FITNESS- This one is 3-fold (of course hehe)


a. Stretch more (when you are starting from 0 like me, should be do-able)

b. Work on both my core and “trunk” muscles to stabilize my running and prevent future injury.  I want running to be a LIFETIME thing for me, so I want to do what is necessary NOW (before it is too late) to avoid injury and allow me to be a “forever runner.”

c.  Run Broad Street in May 2014 in 1:24 (less than 8:20 pace).  Last year I ran it in 1:27 and change (8:45 mile).  I ran it wearily as I had been sick post-races prior.  This year I want to go ALL out.  (Balls to the wall, leave it ALL on the road) I also hope to raise a LARGE amount of money for Moms in Training (with whom I ran the Rothman 8K this fall).  I ran that race (5 miles) with an 8:10 pace so this is what I based my (lofty) BS goal on.

3. PARENTING/FAMILIAL-  Continue to attempt to be more present with Zach and others that I love.


It sounds easy, but for someone with a very busy mind like myself, it is quite a challenge to remain present and focused as much as I would like to be.

4.  SELF- Practice better self care.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.29.13 PM

I don’t really want to go into this one too much; it is a loaded topic and is very different for each person. For some people it can mean “saying no more,” for others “saying yes more,” or anything in between.  It is a personal thing and I think EVERYONE could benefit from an increase in self-care.

So, these are my “goals.” I am glad I took the time to think about these; in today’s rush-rush-go-go world, it is to take the time to take a deep breath and reflect.  What are your 2014 “goals”?

This Year in Running: 2013

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photo 4

Hi!  So if you are bored by running posts, skip this one and come back later for a (yawn) resolutions post.  SO, as you know, I LOVE running, and ( you may not know) I LOVE Numbers.  I have a page dedicated to tracking my monthly mileage here, and below you will see some fun stats for 2013.


By month…

JANUARY 2013= 101

FEBRUARY 2013= 104

MARCH 2013= 125

APRIL 2013= 98

MAY 2013= 103

JUNE 2013 = 67 (sick for two weeks, off during this time)

JULY 2013= 118

AUGUST 2013= 140 (PDR)

SEPTEMBER 2013= 103

OCTOBER 2013 = 141<highest month

NOVEMBER 2013= 126
DECEMBER 2013= 134 < streak failed 😦

photo 3

So…some fun numbers…1360 miles is…

about 204 hours

almost 52 marathons

almost 104 half marathons

136 Broad Street Runs

(probably) over 1100 treadmill miles, which means

almost 165 hours of TV



Shake out run post Rothman

What were your fun stats for 2013?  Running and/or other?!