New Year Resolutions: The definition of insanity…

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Is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, right?!  Or so I hear.  Anyway, I NEVER make New Year Resolutions.  Honestly, for me, they just don’t work.  Hence, the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result).  BUT, this year I have decided to focus on some BROAD goals for myself, that, albeit a “new year” are good fixes for ANYTIME.  I truly am not a big fan of the “lose weight, workout more, be less of a bitch nicer” resolutions.  Those are meant to be broken 😉 Let’s go broad or go home.  So here, broken down into 4 major categories, are some (lofty) goals, not just for 2014, but for me!

1.  DIET-  This is going to sound SOOOOO cliche, but I REALLY need to eat more vegetables.


It is so sad, but there are definitely too many days that pass without a veggie in my belly.  Not good.  I should be modeling better veggie-eating for Zach and it will benefit my body as well.  I want to incorporate more and new vegetables into my meals, not just dinner (when a veg occasionally appears now-a-days).  I want to learn to cook and prepare them in different ways as well.  I will keep you posted 😉

2.  FITNESS- This one is 3-fold (of course hehe)


a. Stretch more (when you are starting from 0 like me, should be do-able)

b. Work on both my core and “trunk” muscles to stabilize my running and prevent future injury.  I want running to be a LIFETIME thing for me, so I want to do what is necessary NOW (before it is too late) to avoid injury and allow me to be a “forever runner.”

c.  Run Broad Street in May 2014 in 1:24 (less than 8:20 pace).  Last year I ran it in 1:27 and change (8:45 mile).  I ran it wearily as I had been sick post-races prior.  This year I want to go ALL out.  (Balls to the wall, leave it ALL on the road) I also hope to raise a LARGE amount of money for Moms in Training (with whom I ran the Rothman 8K this fall).  I ran that race (5 miles) with an 8:10 pace so this is what I based my (lofty) BS goal on.

3. PARENTING/FAMILIAL-  Continue to attempt to be more present with Zach and others that I love.


It sounds easy, but for someone with a very busy mind like myself, it is quite a challenge to remain present and focused as much as I would like to be.

4.  SELF- Practice better self care.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.29.13 PM

I don’t really want to go into this one too much; it is a loaded topic and is very different for each person. For some people it can mean “saying no more,” for others “saying yes more,” or anything in between.  It is a personal thing and I think EVERYONE could benefit from an increase in self-care.

So, these are my “goals.” I am glad I took the time to think about these; in today’s rush-rush-go-go world, it is to take the time to take a deep breath and reflect.  What are your 2014 “goals”?

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