Disney with a Toddler Part 2

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OOOOKKKK so where did I leave off?  Oh yes, day 3.  Remember, on day one we did things around our Resort and on day two we went to Hollywood Studios.  Before I move on, I did want to say that if you go to Disney, for SURE download the My Disney Experience app which is fantastic and includes everything from dining reservations, fast passes and the ever-important age guide for attractions (where I received a lot of my information).  OK, so…

Day 3: Recovery from Day 2 at Hollywood Studios, Character Breakfast, Boardwalk and More Resort Time

So, we all were super tired from the day before and had a BIG breakfast ahead of us. I already blogged about our experience at the Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast, but I will take another moment to reiterate that you MUST visit here.  After the breakfast (we were there for about an hour and a half), we walked over to the Boardwalk.   This was SO convenient becauase we didn’t have to move our car, it was sunny out and such a cute place to explore.


I saw this and the runner in me was of course jealous that I wasn’t outfitted in my gear 😉


I <heart> New Balance.  Anyway, as you saw, the Boardwalk in on a ~mile walking loop and has a bunch of cute stores to explore as well as family-friendly restaurants. There is no entry fee which is fabulous and there is a man-made beach which would be excellent to dip your toes into.  We saw a wedding going on, including a bride in a horse-drawn carriage.  Talk about fairy tale!  So, around naptime we went back to the resort.  Z took his nap then we were out exploring again!  A little pool time…


Some playground time (we went to two playgrounds that were on the property) and mini-golf…



GEEEEZ if only everyone knew to just drop the ball in the hole! DUH!

And with that, day 3 was over!  We all needed to get a lot of sleep as the Magic Kingdom was up next!

Day 4:  Magic Kingdom


This was where we thought there would be the most action for Zachary.  I will say though, it takes a LOT of time to get from your car into the park (you need to take a tram and either a ferry or monorail) so this is a day that I would actually (gasp) suggest skipping nap time or doing it in the stroller because leaving and coming back just doesn’t make sense.  The park closes at 8pm during off hours I believe.  FYI: I tried SOOOO darn hard to make Z nap in his stroller but he wasn’t having it.  Early bedtime happened that day.  OK, so let’s get down to business.  We took the tram and then the monorail, which to Zach, were like rides themselves!  He loved both!  RIGHT when we got there, we all got Mickey ears (of course) and then hopped on Goofy’s train.  Zach kept saying “THOMAS THOMAS!” Hahha, wrong theme park, dude.  Anyway, the train was adorable and a great kick-off to a day in the Magic Kingdom.  We got off at Fantasy Land where we knew the bulk of the rides for tots his age would be located.  We immediately got on some rides.  Up first:  Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  I really thought Z might have been scared; this ride went HIGH!  But he loved it!  He said “AGAIN!” We then headed over to my mom’s favorite: It’s a small world.   He loved this ride too!


Then we needed some grub.  We ate at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, as I detailed in my food post.  In Tomorrow Land, this cafeteria-style dining hall includes entertainment (I don’t exactly know what it was; maybe a large bear singing?), tons of seating, many food options and is an easy stop-and-eat place.  The kid’s menu choices were pretty standard but what sets Disney aside from “the other” are the great side-options: fresh grapes, milk, fresh apples, yogurt, etc. What I really liked was the individual packaging of the sides which I would slide into my purse for later (Z is a snacker like me).  OK, so after lunch I (unsuccessfully) tried REALLY hard to get Zachary to nap by power walking his stroller draped with a light blanket through every “land” for an hour.  My mom took over for a bit while my sister and hubs went on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain.  We had a fabulous time but unfortunately Mr. Z wasn’t having anything with a nap. I mean who would?!  So much excitement around him!  By that time it was 3pm.  We toyed with leaving and coming back but the park was only open until 8; way past Zachy’s bedtime (especially with a lack of nap).  So, we took another fun train ride around the park and ended up in the shops on main street 🙂  We might’ve bought a million few things. We then headed back to the monorail but we saw that the monorail was closed.  I was actually secretly excited because we were forced to take the ferry and I really wanted Zach to have that experience. Anyway, when we got back to the condo, we gave Zach “din-din” and another bath.  Then he passed out.  🙂

Anyway, the next day we went to the airport around noon.  Prior, we hung around the condo and eventually had breakfast.  The trip was absotely amazing, unforgettable.  The company rocked too, so many the people made the trip.  But either way, I am so glad I didn’t listen to the nay-sayers insisting that Zach wouldn’t remember Disney and that it was pointless.  We ALL remember and we ALL had an amazing time…and some adorable videos to show for it 😉


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