YUM: Toddler Meals at 22 Months

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Helloooooo!  So I thought I would do a post on what my little man has been eating lately.  Interesting enough, no?  LOL.  Seriously though. It is so interesting to observe the habits your little one picks up, whether they mirror your own or not.  Zach tends to be a big snacker; he likes little meals throughout the day rather than big meals (3 square ones) which is how I tend to eat as well.  Observed behavior or coincidence?  Either way, it is very fun to watch.  So he has a breakfast but “lunch” is divided into two or three mini meals or snacks at 11:30 am (before his nap) and then after his nap.  His daily eats schedule is as follows:

photo 1

8 AM- nursing (I am in the middle of writing a post on nursing a toddler and it will be posted shortly)

9:30 AM- breakfast

11:30 AM- snack

12:30 PM- Nursing

4:00 PM- snack

6:15- Dinner

Here is a menu of his favorites…


Van’s Organic Waffles with either pb/j, Nutella, butter

Cereal (LOVES drinking milk out of the bottom of the bowl), particularly into Cheerios right now

Toast with either pb/j, Nutella, butter

Fruit (apple slices, pear slices, strawberries, blueberries, peaches- Z LOVES fruit)

Raisins, dried fruit

photo 4


String Cheese

POUCHES (He especially likes the yogurt smoothies that are Earth’s Best brand)

Fruit (see above)

Crackers (with pb or hummus)

Cheddar Bunnies

photo 2

Typical dinner tray: ketchup (to dip or shovel in mouth with fingers, pb crackers, cheese stick, sweet potato dinos, guac with crackers)


Guacamole (on tortilla chips or crackers or carrots)

Organic chicken nuggets

Annie’s “Bunny” Macaroni

Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato dinosaurs


Hummus (on tortilla chips or crackers or carrots)

Desserts (because EVERYONE needs dessert)

homemade chocolate chip cookies


fruit snacks

dried fruit

Meal times are super fun in our house.  I make them that way 😉  I play music and we read books.  We also do flash cards and play counting games.  I try not to get TOO crazy about what Zach does or does not eat and I am VERY careful to not put any foods “off limits” as I feel that creates unhealthy thoughts towards food.  In the beginning, I was DETERMINED to have Zach eat ONLY fresh foods, non processed and “whole.”  I have definitely relaxed my approach and feel great about it.  I absolutely LOVE meal times at our house.  They are long, leisurely, full of exploration,

photo 3


photo 5

and of course some nutrition 😉

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