The Retirement Home for “Old” Words

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When I was teaching school (boy do I miss those days sometimes, but mostly not lol, I feel very blessed to stay with my baby), we had a little thing called the Retirement home for old words.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.25.46 PM


This was a place where we would put “old” or overused words like good and nice.

Well, we can now have one for Zachy’s old words.  I’m sad though because he is growing up so quickly (“almost two” he says) and so wonderfully right in front of my very eyes.  Tear.  Anyway, here are some of Zach’s old words changed to new words:


Peenda Beenda> Peanut Butter

Ma-ony> Macaroni

Hakukaku> Helicopter



Hootsie> Susie


There ar others too but I am having a hard time thinking right now!  One thing I will say though is that I am SO HAPPY woppiwop (lollipop) has remained!  Do your kids say funny words?!  Do share!

Cute shot of the day speaking of lollipops (from Jamaica, post to come soon):



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