Still Breastfeeding…A Toddler


Zach will be two next month.  When I was pregnant, I was turned off by breastfeeding and not sure if I was going to do it at all.  I had anatomical issues (I will leave it at that) and many bouts of mastitis to get through, but I can honestly AND PROUDLY say that we are TWO YEARS going strong with breastfeeding.  And I will say, I realize it is not for everyone.  But I am TRULY from the camp of “whatever works for you is the right thing.”  PERIOD.  So, haters, move along or leave a comment. Both will be equally accepted 😉  Honestly, though, it seems to offend some people that I am “still” breast feeding Zach (although I am seriously not sure why…it is not anyone else’s boobs but mine).  But as I have mentioned before, once you are a parent you seem to automatically hand yourself over to unsolicited advice and criticism.  This one though, I am not budging on.

In case you are wondering, bfeeding does NOT interfere with his appetite.

In case you are wondering, bfeeding does NOT interfere with his appetite.

Zach LOVES “mama bee” and has not shown ANY signs of wanting to wean.  He feeds 2-3 times daily.  The two “must haves” for him are before bed and in the morning. The noon-time pre-nap feeding sometimes doesn’t happen if I am out or something.  Can he do without my milk?  Sure. But am I withholding it from him?  No way.  It is SO easy for us and is remaining a fixture in our lives for the time being.  Does it interrupt his sleep?  NOPE!  Thank the good lord, Zachary began sleeping through the night ON HIS OWN ACCORD a couple months ago.  He no longer eats during the night or cries for us.  And he did this in his own developmental time-frame.  I can do a post on this later (sleeping through the night; cry it out or no?) but the point is, my son wasn’t going to wake up in the middle of the night until high school and he certainly isn’t going to breast feed when he goes off to college.  But he is HAPPY,  KIND, HYSTERICAL, DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE and most importantly, HEALTHY. So, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?  Man, what a HIPPIE I have become!

4 thoughts on “Still Breastfeeding…A Toddler

  1. So happy to hear I am not the only mamma still breastfeeding. We have cut down to the morning and before bed feedings as the first step to weaning. As you say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And it is a wonderful soothing, bonding time for mother and child ; )

  2. Kudos to you! People really do ‘poo poo’ the idea of nursing babies for more than even 6 months. We finally weaned our kid at 19 months – I dried up as we got pregnant. He has asked for it just a handful of times afterwards and you do feel sad as it really is the best nutrition for them.

  3. Preach! So spot on; we should stop all the hate and just support each other how ever we choose to raise our children as long as it isn’t harmful. And although I am happy I am done, breast feeding is a special bond that I know I’ll think of fondly when I see my girls all grown up.

    The most important thing is that you’re the best mom you can be for Z (which you totally are). Anyone that criticizes you are simple minded.

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