Taking it to the Streets and Forgetting to Taper

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photo 5

Helloooo!  I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather!  I certainly am!  I had a LOVELY (almost 6 mile) run today; one of my favorite routes; to the Ben Franklin Bridge, over to New Jersey and back.  GREAT bridge for hill repeats as the bridge itself is about 1.5 miles across so you have a nice .75 mile hill repeat built in there accompanying the most gorgeous scenery.

photo 3

ANYWAY, I wanted to do a little post about running the streets, as you might know I am quite the treadmill runner.  Here are some reasons I “take it to the streets”:

1.  To prep for races (gotta mimic race day)

2.  To enjoy gorgeous weather

photo 2

3. To remind myself that I AM A RUNNER (sometimes I worry that I wouldn’t be able to run without the spinning belt of the treadmill and running outside really builds my confidence as a runner especially when my pace is good).

4.  When I have run out of TV shows to watch on my iPad while running

5. When the husband is home and can therefore watch Z while he is napping

So speaking of race day, I COMPLETELY didn’t realize how close Broad Street is (in a week!) and have not tapered ONE BIT.  Recipe for failure.  I had a SUPER stressful week and I tend to up the mileage as stress increases.   SO, with that said, I NEED to start tapering!  My knees have been aching a bit (a sure sign of over usage) and I REALLY want to run a successful race.  Anyway, speaking of successful, I am TRYING to commit to more strength training.  SO hard.  I am aiming for twice a week…

photo 1

And now for your daily dose of cuteness:

photo 4

Zach said “STOP SIGN?”  SERIOUSLY.  SO close.  SO cute.

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