Ugly Races: Broad Street Run 2014

Pre-race pic; this is the only one you will see and the prettiest it got :)

Pre-race pic; this is the only one you will see and the prettiest it got ūüôā

Oh well hellooooo there! ¬†This weekend was sooooo good! ¬†Capped off by the BSR, I’d call it a great one ūüėČ ¬†So yesterday I was trying to explain to my friend why this race was SUCH an UGLY one. ¬†I think this is the ugliest race I have EVER had! ¬†I’ll explain in a sec (because why in the world would I go from point a to point b when I could just off-tangent to point C, D and E?! lol). ¬†I will start out by saying that I CRUSHED my PR for this race (1:27:37) by a few minutes and made my (secret) goal of 1:25. ¬†I even SUBBED the 1:25!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.10.17 PM

OK, so here is where it gets ugly.  Despite my success in my finish time, I actually DO NOT think I ran a good race.  It was ugly.  Physically and mentally. Point by Point:

1. ¬†I was NOT fueled well. ¬†I hadn’t been feeling good the days prior and hadn’t been able to eat or keep much in my belly. ¬†The day before the race I at two doughnuts, a piece of pizza and a mozz stick in an effort to pack it in. ¬†Bad choice. ¬†I just felt REALLY backed up against a wall. ¬†I felt the lack of fuel from like mile 2. ¬†Cute.

2. ¬†I woke up with a bad cold, that I was able to “suck up” and push off with some Emergen-C but physically was not in good shape. REALLY sick now, btw.

3. I thought it would be a good idea to try to pace a track coach. ¬†Yup. ¬†Bad idea. ¬†I lost him at about mile 5…believe it or not, I left him behind (SORRY BUDDYYYYY). ¬†It messed w me mentally though for a full half of the race bc I didn’t feel like I was running MY race. ¬†I NEVER run with people and this is why.

4. ¬†I felt entirely UNFOCUSED the WHOLE time. ¬†That is SO not like me. ¬†The race went by suuuuuper quickly, and it think is because I just wasn’t thinking! ¬†I wasn’t taking in the sights and sounds, I wasn’t appreciating the experience, I just wasn’t focused.

5. ¬†Rookie mistake (ALWAYS do this) of going out waaaay too fast (running sub 8 miles the first five miles…um seriously, Kara Goucher I am NOT). ¬†And was really hurting my mile 6. ¬†I saw my amazing friend who gave me a G2 (which I TOTALLY needed) and sour patch kids (which I could not stomach at the time but boy, did I slam those last night) and I am pretty sure I cried at her and asked her to take me home with her. ¬†LOL. ¬†Really.

6. ¬†PHYSICAL ugliness: ¬†This came from #5. ¬†Usually I am the girl who smiles at the camera, fixes my form often, and “tries to make it look easy” and am therefore interested in seeing my race pics. ¬†Holy Hannah those pics are going to be BRUTAL. ¬†I was an ugly mess. ¬†I had Gatorade and water pouring down my face half the time, gummy candies sprouting from several areas of my body (that sounded better in my head), and had a pained look for pretty much the entire race. ¬†Sexy. ¬†I know. ¬†Note that I have not and will not post any after-race pics?!

Some things I learned:

– DO NOT put unwrapped Swedish Fish fuel in your bum pocket because they WILL get slimy, nasty and stain.

– DO NOT try to pace a track coach ūüėČ

– DO NOT get so caught up in your time that you run an “ugly race.”

– DO (attempt to) stay FOCUSED!

I truly judge the success of a race by how I FEEL (physically) both during and after. And again despite my time, I am not proud of how I ran this race. Yes, I left it ALL out there.  But did NOT I enjoy it as I would have liked to and for the reasons that I usually race for.  

OK, so for your daily Z cuteness and news, yesterday my baby starting sitting forward in his car seat (gasp!)!!!! Where has the time gone?!

photo 1-9

So tell me about your race.  Was it as ugly as mine?!  Have you ever had an ugly one?!

UMMMM and PS:  is this seriously the best pic they could get on the website?!

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PPS: ¬†This post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who lost her father over the weekend. Had I known I would’ve surely added him to my memoriam bib.