Dragging A$$

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Hello Helloooooo!  How is everyone doing on this fine spring-like day 🙂  I feel like I have, in general, really been dragging butt.  My runs have sucked since Broad Street (a clear sign that I need to rest physically, but mentally can’t wrap my head around it). My legs just feel sooooo lead-ish and my glyco-stores feel constantly empty.  You know what that means…

Time to take a break from running for a few days :/  So, yesterday, I took to the pool.  Well, helloooooo there, old friend!  Remember how I pool ran throughout my entire pregnancy?  Ha.  Yea….

So, in case you are wondering:

1.  Speedos are sexier than ever.

2.  Even after two years of kiddo-grossness, the floating band aid in the pool still takes the cake

3.  Carrying said kiddo is very hard due to the engagement of muscles I don’s normally have and was surprised were even there

4.  Trying to keep good form while swimming is not as easy as one might think.

5.  Attempting turns in the pool is not only uncomfortable and feels similar to what I think water-logging might, but is incredibly awkward looking and embarrassing

6.  The half hour I swam felt like an eternity…or two

7. Running fitness has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with swimming fitness

8.  Yes, I did plan my swim around my hair washing schedule lol….Really.

So, yea, this is a really good cross training activity for me:

–  It engages different muscle groups

–  It forces your to engage in a completely different breathing style

– I like feeling like a mermaid

– I find water to be extremely serene and peaceful and might even get more thinking done than when I am running!

– It is great for cut back days because I can literally only do half hour right now (with breaks)

SOOOO…I have received the following question after posting on FB about my swim: WILL YOU DO A TRI?!  Here is my short answer:

NO. Bullet pointed:

– The bike portion. I just DO NOT trust anything where I am not on my own feet. I know, wuss.

– The swim portion seems actually really cool, though

– I am really just interested in perfecting my running. It gives me such a great sense of accomplishment and happiness.

– I don’t need to do it all, you know?

– THE BIKE.  Did I mention that scares the crap out of me?!

ANNNYYYYWAY, so that is my post on how I have been hauling ass lately 😉  And for your dose of Z cuteness today…

photo 1-9

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