Sit Back and Enjoy the Race

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Sorry…This post was supposed to be up last week!  Oops!

HA! Yes, so that was my goal/attempted mentality for yesterday’s Broad Street Run.  And yes, this is a race recap post, so if you don’t like those sort of things, catch up with me tomorrow for a non-race post.  Anyway, I was SUPER nervous going into this race.  I mean, I am ALWAYS nervous going into races and say over and over again “what if I am undertrained?!” (Of which I found out yesterday the true meaning).  But yesterday was different.  I will give you some stats.

1.  I had Gabriel (via c-section) less than 4 months ago.  My incision is still bothering me especially on high activity days

2.  I was only cleared to run 6 weeks ago, thus training for 6 weeks

3.  The longest run I did was 2 separate 8-milers which were non-sequential (ie I was on and off the treadmill breastfeeding, popping in the paci, peeing, etc.)

4.  My other runs which occurred about 4 times a week were averaging 3 miles.

5.  I had not run outside since G’s birth

6.  My kid does not sleep.

7.  Breastfeeding sucks the life out of me.  Literally.

8.  I had a cold.

Yea, so I was undertrained.  And set up for doom 😉

But still, I was psyched to get back out there and race, raise money for Cancer and run for those who cannot.

photo 4

The day before I hit up the expo.

photo 1

I managed to get out of there relatively quickly (ahh life with two babies) and with minimal purchases.  I tried REALLY hard to fuel well the day before…

photo 2

Bielers donuts from Reading terminal market are beyond woah.


and get my 2 liters of water in (only got in about 1.25 liters which killed me on race day) but with two kids…you know…  The night before the race, G decided it was cool to get up every 45 minutes.  Awesome.  Good start.  I also could NOT go the bathroom prior to leaving the house…my number ONE necessity for ANY race. YUCK.  Of COURSE I ended up having to go the second I got dropped at the start line (5 minutes before the start-yup, always on time).

photo 5

SO, I had to brave the porta potties…which again, always fun. BUT, got my business done!  So, as soon as I knew it, the start was here!

photo 1

As I reset my Garmin, I got a glimpse of the last race I had done…Broad Street last year.  It was the fastest race I had ever run.  Inspiring, but not the way I wanted to go into this race.  Pretty depressing LOL.

Average pace 8:04!

Average pace 8:04!

So, I started out super fast and full of adrenaline as always.  Can’t seem to shake that constant rookie mistake!  OK, so the rest of this post is going to just be verbal vomit all over the place because that mirrors this race the best…

– I wanted to fall over after the 3rd mile.  Really.

– So SOOOO hard. Help

– Can I stop now?  Can I run home at Bainbridge?

– Can I call my cheer squad and have them come get me?

– My legs feel like they are attached to fitness resistance bands

– It is HOT

– Just make it through this mile

– Each mile is a gift; run for those who cannot

– EASY this is your first run back

– You had a BABY less than 4 months ago

– Ummm amazing sign (“Run like you’re a donut and Chris Christie is chasing you”)

– When is this over?!

I can’t really remember what else was going through my head except that I really just wanted to finish.  I had a secret mental goal of finishing in less than 1:40 (ten min miles, not shabby given the circumstances) and I just made it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 3.03.35 PM

Overall I feel so blessed to be back on the race scene.  I truly feel that the ability to run is a GIFT.  As for my next race?  Dunno.  Seriously still recovering 😉

Thanks, Island Photo

Thanks, Island Photo


She’s Baaaaaack!!!!

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Hi everyone! Boy, has it been a while!  A year in fact…I see that the last post I wrote was post Broad Street and this Sunday guess what is coming up?  Yup…Broad Street!  So, it seems like nothing but EVERYTHING has changed.  I now have TWO precious baby boys


And while it was questionable whether there was ACTUALLY a child in there,

One day before I gave birth

One day before I gave birth

Gabriel David was born on January 9th, a healthy 6 pounds 4 ounces via c-section.


And while I have never felt more blessed, I will tell you…the struggle is REAL!  This ish is hard!  Ha!  So wait, how about THIS for a doppeldanger?  Guess who is who…

guess who

guess who


Guess who

Guess who

1.  Zachary

2.  Me

3.  Gabriel

Hahah funny, right!?  So, as I said, not much has changed, but everything!  I have a TON of exciting posts coming your way including:

Broad Street this year (should be fun considering I have not trained more than 8 miles which including hopping on and off the torture mill to pop in the pacifier several times, my kid doesn’t sleep, and breastfeeding saps the life out of me)

Zachary’s third birthday party

Gabriel’s birth

What else do you want to hear about?!

SO glad to be back!


Catch ya on the flip side!