Muppets Themed Birthday Party

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Zachary turned three in April.  Ya’ll KNOW how I like my parties…and so I share with you:  MUPPETS 3rd BIRTHDAY PARTY!


Life size homemade “M” Muppet movie cake. yea, this one was a tough one to make! It is half vanilla and half chocolate. I can do a tutorial if anyone is interested!


Home party cake (yup, made this drawing free hand and I am not a great artist. Thank you GOOGLE!)and cupcakes.


School cupcakes with muppet movie rings in them

IMG_2649 IMG_2646

“Life’s a happy song when there’s someone by your side to sing along.”

Birthday boy!

Birthday boy!



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A necessary evil.

Cold peach slice, teether and biscuit

Cold peach slice, teether and biscuit

Teething station


Warm bath + COLD washcloth

Accompanied by Tylenol, Hylands homeopathic tablets and a LOT of love to hopefully make for a happier camper…


And two front bottom teeth!

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Hi Friends!  I am SUPER happy to FINALLY return to blogging after a forced 😦 hiatus.  I am excited to fill you in on some things and to readjust the format of the blog a bit. Think: less details, more story-telling pictures and almost like a photo-journal that myself and my kiddos can look back on in the future. So, here. we. go.



Best. Boys.

IMG_0782Also, I have updated my “Running” Page with updated mileage.  Slowly.Getting.Faster.  See you soon for some kiddo updates!