Diaper. Debacle.

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OK, so this post isn’t really about potty training…if you want my “thing” on that, it is basically that when they’re ready, they’re ready. (Hopefully) No one goes to college in diapers <insert bad joke here>.  Seriously, though.  Anyway…this post isn’t about that. It IS about a “move” I wanted to share with all of you diaper insight seekers.  Guys, I’ve had so many conversations with other parents about how “at school they put the diaper on while my kid is standing up and I can’t figure out how to do it at home.”  I know.  Riveting exchange.    In all seriousness (silliness),  this is how you do it:

Your little one stands up and you kneel behind them (cav creeper and little babe audience optional)…


Open the diaper’s sticky strips and pulling your big babe closer to you to anchor the back of the diaper, secure the one strip to his/her shirt.


Then, Secure the other side (much easier because the other side is fastened already).



You’re welcome.

What are you training for?

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The answer, my friends?  Nada.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zilch.



Well, I normally LOVE racing.  And I am sure I will eventually love it again (in fact, my fingers are itching as I type to google some upcoming local races) however, having two kids now, the sport of running has changed its shape a bit for me. Basically, I get what I can, WHEN I can, and simply cannot rely on a training plan to prepare for a race.  I tend to injure easily and so being PHYSICALLY (and mentally) prepared for a race is so important.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.39.14 AM

When one of my littles is so young, it is just too hard to formally train for a race.  The one component that is too variable is the LONG RUN.  In order to successfully train for my favorite distance (either a 10-miler or half mary), I HAVE to get one long run a week (at LEAST 10 miles) and I simply cannot count on  that.  So, yes, I am running DAILY still (#septemberstreak) and running a ton.  Along with this my running is varied (outside, inside tread, tempos, speedwork, etc.) but the long run is lacking 😦

Why is the long run so important?

Mental Strength.  Physical Strength.  Fueling practice.  Endurance practice.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.07.41 PM

So, I will be back to racing soon, but for now, I am going to continue reaping the benefits of running “for the run of it!”  Join me!

September Streaking

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Hello everyone!  Wanna streak with me?!  We are NOT talking any nakies here, I’m talking about a running streak!  September, to me as a former teacher, is a lovely time for fresh beginnings, gorgeous weather and the return of favorite TV shows!  All, in my opinion, set the stage for a perfect STREAKING MONTH!  Here is how it works:  MOVE. EVERY. DAY.  IN. SEPTEMBER.  Easy peasy 🙂  Even if it is mile, DO IT!  Streaking can be fun! Tee her. OK, while we are on the topic, here are some of my favorite most popular running questions:

Q:  How do you run with ‘dem babies?!

A:  I run on the treadmill mostly, save for the few times a month that I can get outside when the babies are being watched.  I go to bed super early so I save all of my good TV shows for the ‘mill and it works as a great incentive!

Q:  What sneakers do you wear?

A: Ignore the above pic (there I am wearing Nike Frees which I will wear to run on vacation or other times, as these are my “kick around sneaks”” but I am a true believer in and wearer of Newtons. I specifically wear the Gravities.  The Newtons are super different from any other running shoe out there.  And yes, the rumor is true…I do NOT wear socks.  Peeee-yuuuuuuuu!

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 12.08.29 PM

About Newtons:  The Brand “encourages” runners to become mid-foot strikers, thereby  improving gait and alleviating shin issues.  Secondly, you do not need to alternate Newtons as with other brands and their gel-like cushioning as the cushioning needs a full 24 hours to “revamp” itself.  With the Newton rubber “lugs” you do not need to wait for the cushion to regenerate; it is there for you when needed!


Bridge running in my Newton Gravity

Q:  What does your typical running week look like?

A:  Well it is different when I am “streaking” vs. not 🙂


Day 1- 4 mile medium speed

Day 2-35 minute tempo run

Day 3- 4 mile varied speeds

Day 4-Easy Peasy threesy 🙂  (3 miler)

Day 5- Long run (6ish)

Day 6- Shake out run

Day 7- Fast mile (speed work for ONE mile to work on a “fast mile”), current fastest = 7:14

NOT streaking:

Day 1-4 mile at medium speed

Day 2-35 minute tempo run

Day 3- 4 mile varied speeds

Day 4-Fast mile (speed work for ONE mile to work on a “fast mile”), current fastest = 7:14

Day 5- Long run (6ish)

Day 6- Shake out run (easy peasy threesy-3 miles)

Day 7- OFF

DIRTY shoes. Good decision to not wear my new Newtons. Review to follow. Wrinkly wet bib.

A “Phull Phun Philly” Week

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Guys.  There was no school for Zach in August.  Or September, until the 11th.  After the beach, it was just me, Z and G.  So I decided to do a “Phull Phun Philly” Week (yay, alliteration), just me and the boys.  By the way, we just got back from the Academy of Natural Sciences today (aka: the “dinosaur museum”)…


Sunday: Spruce Street Harbor Park


Monday:  Chillin’ in the “‘hood”


Tuesday: Philadelphia Zoo


Wednesday:  Smith Memorial Playground


Thursday:  Camden Aquarium


Friday:  Home fun





Not gonna lie, kinda loving life right now 🙂