Diaper. Debacle.

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OK, so this post isn’t really about potty training…if you want my “thing” on that, it is basically that when they’re ready, they’re ready. (Hopefully) No one goes to college in diapers <insert bad joke here>.  Seriously, though.  Anyway…this post isn’t about that. It IS about a “move” I wanted to share with all of you diaper insight seekers.  Guys, I’ve had so many conversations with other parents about how “at school they put the diaper on while my kid is standing up and I can’t figure out how to do it at home.”  I know.  Riveting exchange.    In all seriousness (silliness),  this is how you do it:

Your little one stands up and you kneel behind them (cav creeper and little babe audience optional)…


Open the diaper’s sticky strips and pulling your big babe closer to you to anchor the back of the diaper, secure the one strip to his/her shirt.


Then, Secure the other side (much easier because the other side is fastened already).



You’re welcome.

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