Bye, September! Don’t let the door hit ya!

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Not gonna lie.  SUPER happy September has come and gone because it really wasn’t my favorite, BUT with all things, we must choose to see the positive.  So here are some September highlights!


Running on the Ben Franklin Bridge sans cars thanks to the Papal visit

I completed my streak!  90 miles for September, with a literally EVEN average of 3 miles a day (not soooo shabby for no rest days and a lot of speed work, tempos, etc.)!


Big guy’s first day of school


Blue Apron dinners on fleek!


Little guy moved on to the big boy bath.


Big guy started (and LOVED) soccer lessons!


Backyard (much needed) overhaul


Big guy started drum lessons (ummmm beyond adorable)!


TONS of brotherly bonding (finally at the age for this!).

Eh.  Maybe September wasn’t TOO bad, but October…Bring it on!


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