Anal Wrapping.

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Dirty, I know.  🙂 But “Deck the Halls” seems so…basic 🙂  Anyway, I wanted to talk about my type-a approach to wrapping.  Or maybe it isn’t really type-a, but rather bred from the mere fact that I suffer from CRS (can’t remember sh!t).


So, after wrapping everything for various people, I tend to forget what is what (mainly for the kids, because we do around 5 presents for each kid from different people…make sense?).  Now what I do is discretely write in Sharpie marker the initial of the present’s recipient on the pretty bow.  Under the bow I write a number that corresponds to a key.  I know.


Therein lies the anal part 🙂


You’re welcome.  Lol 🙂 OK, as I promised, there is a bit of “deck the halls” in this post…


Gabe’s Ornament


Funny. The dog is oscar but he doesn’t look like that…








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