Pancetta Pea Pasta

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Yes, three of my favorite ps!  Just.  Like. Olive. Garden.  This 4 ingredient EAST PEASY dinner is a must for anyone craving a hearty warm creamy meal.  Because who isn’t?

Here.  We. Go.


4 Ingredients:

PASTA ( I like refrigerated fresh pasta as opposed to box for this)

PEAS (I use frozen sweet peas with NO SAUCE)

ALFREDO SAUCE (currently digging Prego- you can make your own but…you could also make your own bread…which I don’t 🙂 so Google that crap if you want)

PANCETTA (I have used diced ham as well which is equally if not more delicious depending on your palette).

First, boil your water. I always add a pour of olive oil and a large dash of salt.  Because “they say so.”  I know. Good reason.   While your water is boiling, heat a bit of oil in a small frying pan and fry your pancetta for a total of five minutes, because, yes, you need to cook pancetta.  Some dude said you didn’t 🙂 WRONG.


I seasoned my pancetta with some black pepper. It is interesting- I am not a pepper person unless it is accompanied by Alfredo. Then again, but isn’t good when accompanied by Alfredo?


Then get a larger frying pan and heat on a very low setting. Add the Alfredo on the bottom then. Scoop your pasta into the frying pan. I always use some of the retained pasta water because you are supposed to “marry the pasta to the sauce “according to Rachel Ray.


Add peas and stir to combine completely.


Plate and top with the pancetta.  OM. FREAKING. NOM.


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