When Noodle Coloring>Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad

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I know. Horrible title.  But that is what this post is about 😉  Zach’s school does the best projects.  I love it there.  So does he 🙂  Anyway, a cool thing they do are those noodle-bracelet-things…you know what I mean?  Well I wanted to make a supply to have at home for anytime use and also I thought it would be a fun little project for Zach and I.  While G is napping we try to do a little activity together alone. SO fun.  Anyway, this is how you make the pasta “beads”

  1.  Get WHITE pasta- LESSON LEARNED-I used yellow-y looking ones and it affected the colors (The “blue” looked like blue, ya know, yellow and blue make green).  We got 4 different types:  Ziti, elbow, Wagon wheels and cavatelli (I think?)
  2. Put some of each of the pastas in a ziplock. (Kids can do)
  3. Pour in a few drops of food coloring.(Kids can do)
  4. Optional but recommended:  pour in a tad of rubbing alcohol to make it dry faster- adult do!
  5. SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!  (Until fully coated) The kids LOVE this part!
  6. Pour out onto a baking sheet lined with a couple layers of paper towels. – adult do!
  7. Let dry if needed.


Sorry.  I didn’t take too many pictures.  BUT, I did decide that while I was “knee deep” in pasta, I would throw together a pasta salad with “everything but the kitchen sink.” LOL I literally scoured the cabinets and fridge for anything that I could dump in that would be complimentary, of course…

My sous chef was quite the help, and while I wish I had some sort of magical recipe, I will admit, I just kind of dumped every thing in and tasted it until it was good 🙂  I mean, isn’t that the key direction to ANY recipe!?


Anyway, it turned out GOOOOOD and way to kill two birds with one stone: fun activity and delicious colorful meal!  Score!


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