Barnyard Bash- Gabriel’s First Birthday

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Guys.  You know I love a good themed party. I mean, I’ve done Elmo, Thomas and the like.  Search the archives for the jam.  Anyway, it was like a month before G’s birthday (I know, second child syndrome) and I finally decided I should get moving on Gabe’s first birthday party. Um hellooooo Amazon! First thing’s first though?! A THEME!


Super cute photobombed alert!

G LOOOOVES animals and animal noises (he especially loves the APP Peekaboo Barn- download it- your kid will love it and so will you if you’re interested in creepy exorcist style voices lol) so I decided to go with a Barnyard/Animal/Farm theme!  FUUUUUUN!  And so easy. Take a look!

Unfortunately I was unable to photograph all of the goodies, but here are the things I got if you want to get on the barnyard “wagon” as well 🙂

Gabe’s Shirt

Pin the Tail on the Cow game


Barnyard boxes filled with Cow Tail Candies, a toy tractor and 2 barnyard animals

Barnyard plates, napkin and cup set

Matching highchair kit (need for smash cake!!)

Adorable hanging cut outs and Personalized Sign

The cake was from Giant and I was beyond please with both the quality and design. IT was also EXTREMELY reasonable ($30 for a half sheet that fed 40) AND the smash cake was included!

So, that was Gabriel’s first birthday party, barnyard style 🙂


Gabriel “Dita,” with his big brother, Mommy and Daddy

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