Butterfly Snacks

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I wanted to share a cute little way to present snack to your little..the snack butterfly.  I searched “cute snack ideas for kids” (literally) in doing reconnaissance for my eldest’s school snack; he was kid of the day today.  More on that later.  Anyway, I googled that and saw these cute butterfly snacks with a clip like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.19.50 PM.png


So, as the snack should include a dairy, starch and fruit/veg per the school, I decided to change the clip to string cheese (and I had a new package in my fridge already- score!).  In said modification, I had to sort of improvise…and decided I only wanted to get the supplies at the cvs where I could walk to.  I grabbed super glue, rubber bands and store brand zip locks with no actually “zipper” just the regular closure.  I made these:


To make even and open the bag up more, spread the wings like a bow tie

Then you just fill by pulling apart the zip and then re-zipping. I know.  Complicated 😉


So I superglued the string cheese to the rubber band


And they look cute-ish.  I do feel the antennae should be pipe cleaners but CVS did not have.  🙂  Really.  Anyway, my big guy and his friends enjoyed this little snack, so I wanted to share.


Someone wanted to hang with his big brother

PS:  I think maybe they look more like dragonflies?

I run: 3 Favorites Edition

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I skipped school the day we were required to run the mile in the Presidential Fitness Test. I frantically avoided “making it up” at all costs.   I hated it. I hated how my throat burned, my lungs chuffed and puffed (I know, I watch a LOT of Thomas the Tank Engine), my legs felt shaky, but most of all how I thought I looked compared to others. Not just physically either. Mentally, emotionally and generally how I measured up. It was terrifying for me to ponder.

Now, I consider myself a runner. In fact, I consider anyone a runner who considers himself as such.  And I ENJOY running (on the whole, save for the inevitable crappy runs, etc.). It truly is crazy to me; comparing my visceral reaction to running before to how I feel about it now. And I can now understand what it is that precipitated this change: I finally stopped having expectations for what running SHOULD feel like, be like, look like, etc. and I decided that only person I would compete with is myself. In this vein, for me, running is a SOLO sport. I mostly do it myself.  Because it also serves as my “me time,” and let’s face it, I enjoy watching crappy TV on the treadmill.  Hard to coordinate that with someone else 😉


OK, Now, here are 3 FUN Favorites:

3 Favorite Mantras

These are my 3 favorite mantras!  The bottom left is self explanatory.  The bottom right is something I repeat when I am getting verryyyy tired during races or training runs.  I am reminding my self to sort of make myself as small as possible thereby conserving as much energy as possible.  Does that make sense? Oh, and the top one can be subbed for (10 minutes, etc.).  It is all about breaking the run up into parts when needed.


3 Favorite running gear:

  1.  Yurbuds.  I swear by these and have done so since the very start of my running habit 😉  Seriously though, I saw them being displayed at an Expo of one of my first races; a man pulling on them SUPER hard as the buds stayed put.  They TRULY stay put.  I stand by this 100%!  Get ’em for cheap (and quick, of course) here!  I’m sorry. I have a MAJOR Prime problem 🙂
  2. My Clip-on Fan.  Not joking.  You guys know I am a treadmill runner.  So not only do I LOVE the super model it makes me feel soooo much cooler and less sweaty! (Plus, less sweat= less shampooing, duh)
  3. My Newtons.  I seriously owe my successful running life ALL to my Newtons.  These shoes have changed my running in the best of ways.  I used to suffer from shin splints and stress fractures in my shin.  After wearing Newtons for almost 3 years (maybe more? see, this is why I NEED my blog lol) I am SUPER happy to report NO more issues with this or any other major injury!  Cross fingers 🙂 Darnit!  My research for this blog post just yielded me a purchase….
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.42.57 PM

SWOOOOOOOOOON (sorry babe)

3 favorite races:

  1. Disney Princess Half Marathon– Because, DUH.
  2. The More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon New York City.  Central Park.  Twice.  My birthday.  LOVED it.  (Interestingly enough, got sick after this one too>see below)
  3. Broad Street 2014– I was actually pregnant at the time with baby G and had no idea BUT PR’d awesome time.  YAY!  SUPER excited that I got in this year!  Oh and can’t wait to try to bust my PR at this year’s Broad Street Run!  Haha who am I kidding?!  Did you see this?  Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.51.19 PM


OK, well, thanks for letting me wax poetic about running.  If you told me when I was in grade school that I would later consider myself a runner, I would have never believed it.  SO THANKFUL to be a #motherrunner 🙂

The Whole “Au Pair Business”

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I used to think that letting a stranger in your home to live was super weird. And then I was afforded an amazing opportunity at an even more amazing company, InterExchange Au Pair USA.  Needless to say, my mind completely changed.  I saw families benefiting from affordable, flexible childcare offered by their au pairs.  Similarly, I saw the au pairs benefiting from the experience of living abroad and sharing culture.


And then I was given the opportunity to host one for three months, and let me tell you: Now I really get it.  Adri became a part of our family and she was only here for 1/4 of the year!  She interacted with my children in the kindest of ways, teaching them the occasional spanish word bringing her culture into our home and truly becoming a member of our family.

More information from our Company:

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.34.32 PM

Would hosting an au pair solve your childcare needs?

More and more families in the Philadelphia area are hosting international au pairs. Should you?

Au pairs are young women and men from around the world who join your family for a year, with the option to stay an additional 6, 9, or 12 months. Not only are they great role models and active childcare providers for up to 45 hours a week, but they share their culture with your family, opening up the world – and maybe a new language – to your children.

Hosting an au pair is affordable, and the costs are the same no matter how many children you have – unlike daycare or other childcare options. You’ll also have a dedicated Local Coordinator within a short drive to help make the process smooth and answer any questions you might have.

InterExchange is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness. Our Au Pair USA program has been connecting international au pairs with welcoming U.S. host families for 25 years, making us experts in helping your family find the right au pair.

If you’d like to learn more, visit our website [link to https://www.interexchange.org/become-a-host/au-pair-usa/] and see if hosting an au pair would make sense for your family!


Favorite Toys: 1 Year Old Edition

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Helloooooo out theeeeere!!  MMMkay so I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of G’s favorite toys as a 1 year old…


HAHA ok, here is where I tell you that his actual favorite toys are..


Any small item he can find and give mommy a heart attack by attempting to put said item in mouth.




The stairs


His drawers

Ummmm seriously.  His top favorites also include toilet paper, tissues, water bottles, batteries and keys.  Awesome.  Ha!  So, in all honesty, the only 5 REAL toys I can actually get him to play with and are his TRUE favorites are:


  1. Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling Set– (Seen in the first photo) G got this from his aunt/uncle/cousins for his birthday and he is obsessed!  He LOVES when I knock the pins down. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been that funny! ($21.95)
  2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy– Preemptive apologies for the son that WILL get stuck in your head (“I love you, I love you, you make the world so bright…”) $23.90Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.50.57 PM

  3. Animal Sounds Book– (prices vary)- I couldn’t find the exact one G has, but this page has a few good ones. He LOVES the animal sounds and “turning the pages”IMG_5902
  4. V-tech sit-to-stand learning walker– ($20 can’t beat the price!) We own TWO of these.  Again, apologies for the song…Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.53.39 PM

    He also has this walker at his dad’s house which he really likes too!Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.03.34 PM

  5. Sassy Floor Mirror ($14.99)– What can I say, kid can’t get enough of himself…luckily neither can I ❤

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 4.06.09 PM

Ahhh and how did I forget his favorite “toy?!”


Hope you enjoyed our fun little list!