I run: 3 Favorites Edition

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I skipped school the day we were required to run the mile in the Presidential Fitness Test. I frantically avoided “making it up” at all costs.   I hated it. I hated how my throat burned, my lungs chuffed and puffed (I know, I watch a LOT of Thomas the Tank Engine), my legs felt shaky, but most of all how I thought I looked compared to others. Not just physically either. Mentally, emotionally and generally how I measured up. It was terrifying for me to ponder.

Now, I consider myself a runner. In fact, I consider anyone a runner who considers himself as such.  And I ENJOY running (on the whole, save for the inevitable crappy runs, etc.). It truly is crazy to me; comparing my visceral reaction to running before to how I feel about it now. And I can now understand what it is that precipitated this change: I finally stopped having expectations for what running SHOULD feel like, be like, look like, etc. and I decided that only person I would compete with is myself. In this vein, for me, running is a SOLO sport. I mostly do it myself.  Because it also serves as my “me time,” and let’s face it, I enjoy watching crappy TV on the treadmill.  Hard to coordinate that with someone else 😉


OK, Now, here are 3 FUN Favorites:

3 Favorite Mantras

These are my 3 favorite mantras!  The bottom left is self explanatory.  The bottom right is something I repeat when I am getting verryyyy tired during races or training runs.  I am reminding my self to sort of make myself as small as possible thereby conserving as much energy as possible.  Does that make sense? Oh, and the top one can be subbed for (10 minutes, etc.).  It is all about breaking the run up into parts when needed.


3 Favorite running gear:

  1.  Yurbuds.  I swear by these and have done so since the very start of my running habit 😉  Seriously though, I saw them being displayed at an Expo of one of my first races; a man pulling on them SUPER hard as the buds stayed put.  They TRULY stay put.  I stand by this 100%!  Get ’em for cheap (and quick, of course) here!  I’m sorry. I have a MAJOR Prime problem 🙂
  2. My Clip-on Fan.  Not joking.  You guys know I am a treadmill runner.  So not only do I LOVE the super model it makes me feel soooo much cooler and less sweaty! (Plus, less sweat= less shampooing, duh)
  3. My Newtons.  I seriously owe my successful running life ALL to my Newtons.  These shoes have changed my running in the best of ways.  I used to suffer from shin splints and stress fractures in my shin.  After wearing Newtons for almost 3 years (maybe more? see, this is why I NEED my blog lol) I am SUPER happy to report NO more issues with this or any other major injury!  Cross fingers 🙂 Darnit!  My research for this blog post just yielded me a purchase….
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.42.57 PM

SWOOOOOOOOOON (sorry babe)

3 favorite races:

  1. Disney Princess Half Marathon– Because, DUH.
  2. The More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon New York City.  Central Park.  Twice.  My birthday.  LOVED it.  (Interestingly enough, got sick after this one too>see below)
  3. Broad Street 2014– I was actually pregnant at the time with baby G and had no idea BUT PR’d awesome time.  YAY!  SUPER excited that I got in this year!  Oh and can’t wait to try to bust my PR at this year’s Broad Street Run!  Haha who am I kidding?!  Did you see this?  Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.51.19 PM


OK, well, thanks for letting me wax poetic about running.  If you told me when I was in grade school that I would later consider myself a runner, I would have never believed it.  SO THANKFUL to be a #motherrunner 🙂

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