Butterfly Snacks

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I wanted to share a cute little way to present snack to your little..the snack butterfly.  I searched “cute snack ideas for kids” (literally) in doing reconnaissance for my eldest’s school snack; he was kid of the day today.  More on that later.  Anyway, I googled that and saw these cute butterfly snacks with a clip like this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.19.50 PM.png


So, as the snack should include a dairy, starch and fruit/veg per the school, I decided to change the clip to string cheese (and I had a new package in my fridge already- score!).  In said modification, I had to sort of improvise…and decided I only wanted to get the supplies at the cvs where I could walk to.  I grabbed super glue, rubber bands and store brand zip locks with no actually “zipper” just the regular closure.  I made these:


To make even and open the bag up more, spread the wings like a bow tie

Then you just fill by pulling apart the zip and then re-zipping. I know.  Complicated 😉


So I superglued the string cheese to the rubber band


And they look cute-ish.  I do feel the antennae should be pipe cleaners but CVS did not have.  🙂  Really.  Anyway, my big guy and his friends enjoyed this little snack, so I wanted to share.


Someone wanted to hang with his big brother

PS:  I think maybe they look more like dragonflies?

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