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Hi there!  So, I have found it super difficult to blog…pretty much over the past two years as things have been happening that I am not really at liberty to blog about, but are difficult to blog without mentioning. I hope to be less vague at some point, but until then, I will continue posting fun, light-hearted, sometimes sponsored but always interesting content.  Needless to say, the changes (both good and bad) and happenings in our lives can sometimes be stressful!  WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN THINGS SEEM OUT OF CONTROL AND YOU ARE STRESSED?  I am very lucky because my de-stressing habits are GOOD like running (duh) and…organizing!  So…check this out!


This is the work of two 3.something year olds in the duration of a bathroom break.  #truestory

Yes,  that did almost kill me.  But, I got to work and reorganized and BOY DID IT FEEL GOOD!  Here is what I ended up with…


YAAAAASSSS 2.5 hours later!


So, I like this Melissa and Doug puzzle holder I have , but it frustrates me because large handled puzzles like the one on the top of my rack (less than $9.99) don’t always fit (be sure to get the double wire)!  But, overall it is good and I like it on this cute little IKEA table (this one is similar but with stools and only 14.99!).  We do arts and crafts and have snacks on that table too.  Also, gotta love the mini dress up action (I just used Command Hooks) with firefighter coat and hat (Again Melissa and Doug, our Favorite) and construction worker vest/hat (you guessed it, Melissa and Doug). Sweet stuff, huh?  OH, this is the work bench.  Both littles LOVE.

Toy bin

Toy bins

I LOVE these toy bins (got them here-GREAT buy, even better buy here) except if you are type A like me you spend a LONG time figuring out how to organize by toy type AND color (can’t have red next to or too close to another red!).  I know Sabrina does toy rotation and these bins would be great for that too.   But alas, I do not to toy rotation so I have a slipover bin as can be seen below.


And the book shelf.  LOVE this book shelf.  My mom was a school librarian so I have always dreamed of how I could display and store my kids’ books.  I know. Nerd.  I won’t tell you then that I dressed up like a librarian for Halloween one year.  I know.  Anyway, on each floor of the house other than the playspace, I have ONE basket for books and ONE trunk devoted to toys.  On the first floor I also have an art “chest” that is devoted to art supplies.  They are a BIG hit in our home.

art bin

The book basket is to the left under the easel

And here is the second floor/living room space:

Living Room

These are like the baskets I use; (similar, but the set of three thing is really good- and don’t forget to get square or rectangular…you know, for the books:)).  Then, in each boys’ rooms, I have one tiny bin for small toys and larger spaces for books.  In Zachary’s room I just have bins on the floor for easy access.  And in Gabriel’s room I have a large basket on the floor and also a hanging book display made out of this bathroom organizer I got at Ikea (only $19.99) for his small board books.  I LOVE this design.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 8.16.37 PM.png

“Nordrana”  Ha. As if you are going to remember the name of ANY Ikea product. LOL

I am actually going to do a post on G’s nursery shortly so I will show more pics (I always love to see people’s decor).

OK, well, there ya have it.  A bit of my decor strategies…ahem, if you want to call them that…it all seems sorta futile once these two get up from nap time!


But boy, are they worth it!


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