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Helloooo!  Happy Monday!  The weather is a beaut’ today!  Hope you are able to enjoy!  Anyway, I wanted to share ten of my favorite things of late…and anyone who knows me knows that when I like something, I don’t just like it…I get OBSESSED.  So, here ya go!

1. Sahale Snacks (my flavor is below)-

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 7.02.04 PM

Running to my car to grab my stash now!  YUMMMM

So, it seems like these babies are only available in the Wawas around here (?) I know.  Ask me how I found them…Car hunger.  It is the WORST, right?!  Between breastfeeding a large 14 month old and running a good deal of miles per week training for my upcoming races I get ravenous QUICKLY and I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  So in a car hunger fit, I found myself munching on these and holy yum.  So, now I keep a bag in my car, stroller and diaper bag.  I know.  So, seriously though, I can be a real a-hole when I’m hungry.  Oh, and I like to chuckle at the “serving size.”  😉

2.  ACME (Markets) Monopoly- Don’t judge.  Mama’s gotta save some cash.  Ha! Who am I kidding?  I am totally one of those people who actually thinks they have a chance at winning the lottery in the off chance I play.  Seriously.  But don’t go thinking it makes me some sort of eternal optimist though, because I give equal consideration to the same odds for horrific things happening.  Don’t Google.  Just don’t.   Anyway, Zach likes to “play” this with me too.  You know you have a problem when a lady walking by your cart as you are leaving the store gives you her “playing pieces.”  Proud, not pleased.


2. My Glasses- Lately I have been wearing my glasses a lot more for several reasons…


My eyes have been SO dry (because of aforementioned breastfeeding) so giving them a break from contacts feels soooo good.  Also, Zach now wears glasses, ADORBS by the way, so I like to wear mine too.


I can’t.  So cute. 

3. Blue Apron- I’ve Blogged about this before but am having another spike in love for this fabulous service.  Last night I made a surf ‘n turf, mixing and matching two of the meals we were given to cook this week.  Some of the stuff was going to either go bad or need to freeze (I tend to forget about frozen meat/fish) and one of the sides was totally not appealing to us.  It was delicious!


Sorry. Pretty awful picture, but it is catfish, steak, potatoes and cheesy kale.

4.  My new Stamina In Motion Strider– YAAAAASSSS!  Now I can cross train.  AT HOME.  In front of my TV (stores right behind couch–SOOOO compact for the city home).  LOVE this machine and it is super reasonable.  PERFECT for a city home.  Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about it at first, but it is LEGIT.  And less than $140!!  G (and Z) like it too…

IMG_64915.  Cape Cod Salted Caramel Popcorn- UM…YUM.  That’s it.


6.  Emergen-C…Every night before I go to bed I take this in a shot of water.  I SWEAR by it. I have not gotten sick since I started doing this a couple months ago. I believe!

7. Gerber Cheddar Crunchies- G is absolutely obsessed with these. It is hysterical. We PLOW through them and have to buy the 3-pack.  Also, I plan to do a craft with the boys when we finish one more container.  Think homemade drum set. Ohhhh yeaaaaa…

8. Our sno-cone maker (only $24.99)- I bought this last year at Target (it was on clearance, so I don’t think they still have it, and was an impulse buy as it was summertime and I wanted something fun to do with Zach) and we LOVE making son cones.  It is such a fun activity and I really think kids creating and making their own food is so beneficial.  Got it out today with the high temps!


9.  This guy’s creativity as an “almost 4 year old”


My headband was his “helmet”

10.  This guy’s smile



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