On Breastfeeding Number 2

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Gabriel is now 15 months, so I wanted to check in on how breastfeeding is going. It is an FAQ…


So, if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know a couple things about my breastfeeding history with both Zachary and Gabriel.  I am a HUGE proponent of breastfeeding but am totally non judgmental and totally get why it doesn’t work for some.  It is really funny actually because I was SUPER on the fence about breastfeeding when I was pregnant with my first.  Then I had him and I had a ton of problems (inverted nipples, had to use nipple shield for like 6 months, oversupply, mastitis, etc.).  Anyway, I knew I would breastfeed my second and thought it would be a walk in the park because I was an “expert” and Zachary was still on the boob when I was 20 weeks pregnant with G.  He eventually weened himself and that breastfeeding relationship came to an end the way I had always dreamed it would.  Now, with G, remember, I thought it was be easy. BAHAHAHHAHAH.  It was so bad that the LACTATION consultant told me I couldn’t “nurse on those babies.”  Yup.  I won’t get too graphic (I already used the words “inverted nipples” and if you aren’t interested in breastfeeding you should have excused yourself from this post a paragraph ago) but my ladies were DESTROYED.  After some healing via pumping, a tongue tie alteration and TONS of work, we established what I consider to be an amazing breastfeeding relationship. Because I stay at home with the littles, G still nurses primarily on demand, which at 15 months means he has a typical schedule but comes on over for small sips in between when he is thirsty (or I am convinced, when he is bored).  He typical schedule is nursing: wake up (~730), small morning graze, before nap (~1230), after nap (~330), once around 6pm then before bed (~730).

And here is a quick PRO/CON list I made:


  • Easy
  • Cheap
  • Great antibodies for my littles-Zach is 4 and has NEVER had an antibiotic
  • Good natural birth control (don’t mark my words lol)
  • Keeps weight off
  • Super healthy for babies and Mommies
  • Studies have shown it decreases Breast Cancer chances


  • Physically exhausting and taxing on the body esp when combined with tough training schedule
  • Tough for a type-A person (who me?!) because amounts are intangible
  • I can feel like a prisoner to the house as neither littles have taken a bottle ever
  • I am the only one who can do “night duty” which THANKFULLY doesn’t occur too too often (<once a night usually thank GOD)
  • I haven’t “owned” my body for almost 5 years between a constant stream of pregnancy, b-feeding, more pregnancy and more b-feeding

So, what is my plan for weaning number 2?  I have none.  Just like I had none for Z.  It will happen.  Dude won’t go off to college still breastfeeding… we hope 🙂

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