Werkin’ It With Kiddos

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Hellooooo! ¬†Hope you all are enjoying this schizophrenic weather ūüėČ ¬†I wanted to do a post on how I work out with kids. ¬†So, at any point in time, we will have between 1 and 3 kiddos around. ¬†So yes, finding the time to work out is tough. But for me, it is SUPER important. My workout time=my therapy and EVERYONE is way happier when mama gets in in ūüôā ¬†So, here are a few bullet points…


Multi tasking at its finest!  Strider+Robo vacuuum

1. I do what I can, when I can. ¬†If I have ten minutes, I do ten minutes. ¬†During the week when I am home with the kiddos, I do my runs on the treadmill in the downstairs play space OR at the gym depending on many factors. ¬†If G is in a bad mood and I know gym day care isn’t going to cut it, I will run a few miles sometimes with him playing in the play space. ¬†It is good for him to play independently and we like to chat while I’m running ūüôā ¬†Sometimes, that won’t work either as he LOVES to try to put his hand in the treadmill belt (gives me a heart attack) so I will quit and get my run in during the boys’ naps. ¬†During the week I tend to do runs between 4 and 6 miles. I keep my weekly running schedule loose to accommodate the kiddos. ¬†My long runs take place on the weekends (more on that below).

2.  I supplement my work outs with my Stamina In Motion Compact Strider.  I have posted to FB about this lovely piece of equipment MANY times and cannot wax poetic enough about it.  Less than $100, fits ANYWHERE due to how compact it is (great for city), super light and easy to store, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.14.19 PM

So, if I had a short run, am feeling antsy and need to get some energy out or am taking a rest day from impact (running) -I don’t really take REAL rest days unless my body is telling me to do so which is‚Ķnot often lol- I will hop on this awesome piece of equipment. ¬†Sometimes I will do my whole workout on here (about an hour?) in front of the TV while the babies are napping, but sometimes I will split it into several smaller timed workouts. ¬†My kids think it is hysterical to watch me on it, so they will hang w me playing in the living room, while I “stride.” ¬†If you can get on for just TEN minutes, it raises your metabolism and helps your cardiovascular system even if just in small bursts. ¬†OBSESSED with this thing. ¬†Oh, and it has arm straps which I haven’t tried yet but will soon! ¬†Speaking of arms…

3. Strength training- I will admit, I don’t do it. ¬†I feel awful admitting and typing that but it is true ūüė¶ ¬†When I have time to work out, I absolutely tend to devote said time to cardio. ¬†I truly feel like you can fit strength training into your cardio (THINK POSTURE- more on this later) and to be honest, carrying my “love to be carried” kiddos all day surely helps. ¬†Many people ask if I “do abs.” ¬†The short answer: ¬†NO. ¬†Sorry. ¬†What I DO DO though, is I ALWAYS focus on my abs when I am running. The purpose is two-fold: ¬†focusing on your core when running helps your form and takes the pressure off other muscles and easy-injury areas. ¬†Secondly, tightening our abs when running is a form of “doing abs” (LOL). ¬†If you tighten your abs for +/- an hour it tends to help in time ūüôā ¬†BUT, with that said, I am starting to incorporate a bit more strength training into my workout routines. ¬†Natural strength training is great, but when I see programs like GOTR focusing on warming up, strengthening and stretching, I can’t help but want to at least try to dedicate a bit more time to it.


carry two for natural strength training ūüôā ¬†lol


4. ¬†It takes a village-Use your support. ¬†I don’t really use childcare except for when I volunteer for GOTR and the only time I really need HELP HELP is for my long run on the weekend. ¬†I try to do it Saturdays usually because I LOVE resting Sundays (I still do a light running or cardio workout but still‚Ķ). ¬†But it takes at least 2 hours and so I need reliable help. ¬†The boys usually hang with their dad or someone else who is fun so that I can do this and for that I am SUPER appreciative.

5. ¬†Use your kids- I LOVE (love as in love/hate lol) taking G in the jogging stroller for a run from time to time. ¬†I don’t do it super often as it is hard as HELL and he can get antsy but when I do it is great. ¬†Running with the jogging stroller is a GREAT way to train HARD and when you do your next run solo, BOY does it seem easy! ¬†I want to get out more often with the stroller and plan to do so in the spring. ¬†I have the BOB and love it. ¬†I also use it with BOTH boys on walks as Zach sits in the front nook part. ¬†Both boys fit perfectly. ¬†#ghettodoublestroller LOL


Poor dude fell asleep with his hand in the snack cup!  Hate when that happens!

6. ¬†Do it for the right reason. ¬†I don’t work out to loose weight. ¬†Truly. ¬†I get way more of a rise out of being able to run 10 miles without being winded than loosing 3 pounds because God knows those 3 pounds could be MANY things ūüôā I work out because it keeps me physically and mentally healthy (sane) and because I like to do it. ¬†And I DO truly get a “runners high.” I was researching and found this awesome article that explains the phenomenon.¬†¬† I also like setting a healthy example of being active for my boys. ¬†And, ya know, I wouldn’t mind sticking around a bit for them too from the health benefits ūüôā