Werkin’ It With Kiddos

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Hellooooo!  Hope you all are enjoying this schizophrenic weather 😉  I wanted to do a post on how I work out with kids.  So, at any point in time, we will have between 1 and 3 kiddos around.  So yes, finding the time to work out is tough. But for me, it is SUPER important. My workout time=my therapy and EVERYONE is way happier when mama gets in in 🙂  So, here are a few bullet points…


Multi tasking at its finest!  Strider+Robo vacuuum

1. I do what I can, when I can.  If I have ten minutes, I do ten minutes.  During the week when I am home with the kiddos, I do my runs on the treadmill in the downstairs play space OR at the gym depending on many factors.  If G is in a bad mood and I know gym day care isn’t going to cut it, I will run a few miles sometimes with him playing in the play space.  It is good for him to play independently and we like to chat while I’m running 🙂  Sometimes, that won’t work either as he LOVES to try to put his hand in the treadmill belt (gives me a heart attack) so I will quit and get my run in during the boys’ naps.  During the week I tend to do runs between 4 and 6 miles. I keep my weekly running schedule loose to accommodate the kiddos.  My long runs take place on the weekends (more on that below).

2.  I supplement my work outs with my Stamina In Motion Compact Strider.  I have posted to FB about this lovely piece of equipment MANY times and cannot wax poetic enough about it.  Less than $100, fits ANYWHERE due to how compact it is (great for city), super light and easy to store, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.14.19 PM

So, if I had a short run, am feeling antsy and need to get some energy out or am taking a rest day from impact (running) -I don’t really take REAL rest days unless my body is telling me to do so which is…not often lol- I will hop on this awesome piece of equipment.  Sometimes I will do my whole workout on here (about an hour?) in front of the TV while the babies are napping, but sometimes I will split it into several smaller timed workouts.  My kids think it is hysterical to watch me on it, so they will hang w me playing in the living room, while I “stride.”  If you can get on for just TEN minutes, it raises your metabolism and helps your cardiovascular system even if just in small bursts.  OBSESSED with this thing.  Oh, and it has arm straps which I haven’t tried yet but will soon!  Speaking of arms…

3. Strength training- I will admit, I don’t do it.  I feel awful admitting and typing that but it is true 😦  When I have time to work out, I absolutely tend to devote said time to cardio.  I truly feel like you can fit strength training into your cardio (THINK POSTURE- more on this later) and to be honest, carrying my “love to be carried” kiddos all day surely helps.  Many people ask if I “do abs.”  The short answer:  NO.  Sorry.  What I DO DO though, is I ALWAYS focus on my abs when I am running. The purpose is two-fold:  focusing on your core when running helps your form and takes the pressure off other muscles and easy-injury areas.  Secondly, tightening our abs when running is a form of “doing abs” (LOL).  If you tighten your abs for +/- an hour it tends to help in time 🙂  BUT, with that said, I am starting to incorporate a bit more strength training into my workout routines.  Natural strength training is great, but when I see programs like GOTR focusing on warming up, strengthening and stretching, I can’t help but want to at least try to dedicate a bit more time to it.


carry two for natural strength training 🙂  lol


4.  It takes a village-Use your support.  I don’t really use childcare except for when I volunteer for GOTR and the only time I really need HELP HELP is for my long run on the weekend.  I try to do it Saturdays usually because I LOVE resting Sundays (I still do a light running or cardio workout but still…).  But it takes at least 2 hours and so I need reliable help.  The boys usually hang with their dad or someone else who is fun so that I can do this and for that I am SUPER appreciative.

5.  Use your kids- I LOVE (love as in love/hate lol) taking G in the jogging stroller for a run from time to time.  I don’t do it super often as it is hard as HELL and he can get antsy but when I do it is great.  Running with the jogging stroller is a GREAT way to train HARD and when you do your next run solo, BOY does it seem easy!  I want to get out more often with the stroller and plan to do so in the spring.  I have the BOB and love it.  I also use it with BOTH boys on walks as Zach sits in the front nook part.  Both boys fit perfectly.  #ghettodoublestroller LOL


Poor dude fell asleep with his hand in the snack cup!  Hate when that happens!

6.  Do it for the right reason.  I don’t work out to loose weight.  Truly.  I get way more of a rise out of being able to run 10 miles without being winded than loosing 3 pounds because God knows those 3 pounds could be MANY things 🙂 I work out because it keeps me physically and mentally healthy (sane) and because I like to do it.  And I DO truly get a “runners high.” I was researching and found this awesome article that explains the phenomenon.   I also like setting a healthy example of being active for my boys.  And, ya know, I wouldn’t mind sticking around a bit for them too from the health benefits 🙂




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