The Easter Jew.

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Good Monday, everyone!  We are all suffering from a bit of Easter hangover this fine (gloomy) morning. Hope you are too!  It was a fabulous weekend and holiday. So, I get asked a lot, here is the deal:  I was raised Jewish and still observe Jewish holidays and traditions.  Zach goes to a synagogue play school so he gets that there too.  My kids’ Dad is Catholic and therefore my kids ALSO are exposed to those holidays as well.  And me?  Well my theory on religion is a LONG story but typically I feel that holiday celebrations are important traditions to have and likewise important to base the kids’ culture around.  So last week we made hamentashen…


This past weekend, we did Easter!


BTW, the bunny cake is SUPER easy.  Make a traditional cake mix but spread into two round pans.  Then cut to football like shapes out of the second one to form the following shape.


Frost then coat with coconut.  Decorate as you wish!

OK, not THIS DIY Easter project was NOT easy.  In fact, it SUCKED and if I wasn’t so stubborn I woulda quit, but they DID turn out SUPER cute: Yarn eggs!


I thought of the idea myself but didn’t fully think through what a pain in the A$$ it would be.


And of course an egg hunt

And Easter Baskets for all!


And our “traditional” Easter dinner.  I always make lasagna, ham, green beans and Easter bread.  YUMMMMM!  Oh, with a side of light saber fighting, of course 🙂


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