Chatter Splatter: Come and Play!

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You guys, you HAVE to try Chatter Splatter Playgroup  if you have the time.  It is super duper fun, affordable and awesome.  Here is the description from their site (I started writing my own and realized theirs covered it lol):


Chatter Splatter is held in Suburban Sports Training Center in conshohocken, PA. 

Chatter Splatter is a pay and play playgroup. You may come in anytime within the 2 hour time slot and once you have paid you can go and play. No need to RSVP just come by.

Included in the price, each child gets juice, fruit, and cookies. Each adult gets coffee. Fruit and cookies will be out 10:30am-11am. Coffee and juice is self serve on the counter for the whole 2 hours. 


Cut-up fruit is perfect in size and fresh!

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:30am-11:30am.

$6 per child any age. If you have other children with you in your care (no other adults with you) they will be $4 each if they are 1 or over. If you are paying for other children but their parent/gaurdian is with them then the price will be $6 per child. 

Guys, this Play Space is LEGIT.  It is HUGE and has HUNDREDS of awesome toys (think ride ons, BOUNCE HOUSES, swing sets, etc.).  It is TOTALLY worth a trip out of the city and will guarantee that your littles will nap HARD!

Needless to say, we cannot wait to go back!  Email me for more details.


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