HM Taper Week: Love Run

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Yo.  So if I can’t actually run this week, I sure as heck am going to talk about it, blog about it, read about it, and bother you about it.  LOL. #sorrynotsorry


Anyway, I like writing about the taper, because for me, this is the HARDEST part about training.  You run and run and run for months and then…YOU DON’T!  YOU CAN’T!  For someone like me who is seriously addicted to the endorphins and who gets intense therapy thru running, the taper is super challenging for me.  I go stir crazy both mentally and physically.  SO…here is how I get by for this week:

Mental hurdles:

  • Plan for extra TLC for myself to replace the running endorphins
  • Plan the race- study the course, make play list, etc.
  • Luckily I had a HUGELY busy week that left me with no mental capacity to freak about not running and actually the space in my schedule was needed this week!

Physical Hurdles:

-TRUST the training

– Cross training is A-OK, but do not go too hard

– REALLY strange; all of the sudden at the end of last week’s training cycle I started feeling what could only be described as a hint of a (gasp) SHIN SPLINT!  Argh- funny enough I think it was NOT from my training but rather, that I had trekked majorly through the city on foot last week–in CHUCKS, nonetheless (WORST shoes to walk many miles in) and lord knows my walk pace equals some other’s “easy jog” (Mama doesn’t take her time).  SO, this week was PERFECT to lay low in terms of impact cardio.  I hit that Cybex though with some serious power (and a magazine, coffee and chill).

-CARB LOAD!  The best part!


OK, so now it is Saturday.  All in all, the taper week went well and luckily the weather looks so crappy that most of my OCD running crazy thoughts were spent mostly focused on the shit weather forecasted for tomorrow.



I will admit, I was a little underwhelmed by the Expo. It seems they wanted to turn it up a bit and have a little party action at XFinity LIve, but A. I don’t drink and B. REALLY!? Before a half marathon?!  There was a tent outside where you would get your bib and swag but I would have MUCH rather seen MORE Vendor Booths and LESS Beer Huts.  I know.  NERD.  But seriously.  The tent was soaking wet inside, dark and difficult to navigate.  NO BUENO.


OK, I will be back with a race recap tomorrow (hopefully).  Praying for no DNF and to have a good race.  I will be racing for those who CANNOT, tomorrow being my Dear Uncle who is fighting the good fight.



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