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  1.  Punjammies–  I saw this ad for these babies on my FB page (I know, totally the best way to decide you NEED something) and decided I NEEEEEEEEDED them.  I sent a message to my dude and…they came within the week.  Now THAT is awesome 😉  Seriously though, from their site, PUNJAMMIES™ are loungepants made with hope by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. Whenever you purchase PUNJAMMIES™, you invest in the freedom and dignity of these women and girls who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children.  I saw them on Amazon, get them here! (BLOG LOVE-thank you!)IMG_7244
  2. Any/Everything LEGO!  Zach just turned 4 yesterday and he subsequently has 3 parties that this Mama needed to bake cakes for.  His school party involved cupcakes (CUPCAKE TOPPERS AND HOLDERS HERE) IMG_7314              and his family party involved THIS amazing cake (if I say so myself).  I bought silicone chocolate LEGO molds (buy them here-blog love, thank you) and then melted green, yellow, green and red candy melts. You have to temper them so they are at the right temperature but Zachy and I got the hang of it real fast.  They were also delicious!  Next weekend is his kid party and BOY do I have amazing plans for that!  Stay tuned!
  3. Speaking of anything Lego, SNAPOLOLGY!  So this is a funny story; I was leading a birthday party for one of my lovies and one of the parents there later approached me and asked me to work with him teaching these amazing Lego courses.  Shhhhh!  They don’t know it is educational!  LOL!  Anyway, I have a post in the works about this awesome program, but for now, I just finished a course on the Main Line and today I start one at TPS- The Philadelphia School and I am beyond stoked!
  4. LAUNDRY– I know.  Listen, let me explain.  I do a lot of laundry.  Like A LOT.  At any given time, there could be 5 other boy/man laundry piles added on to my pile. And my pile used to be small!  I really only wore one outfit a day.  BUT, now with my littles who have dirty hands and dirty everything, I am finding myself cycling through at least two shirts a day and my running of course creates a load in and of itself.  OK, so needless to say, I think constantly about how I can minimize the amount of time it takes me to do laundry.  Well yesterday, I think I found what works for ME.  This will sound crazy, but I FINALLY allowed myself to fold shirts “Inside out” and it has been LIFE changing. I swear it has cut my laundry time in half.  I used to let my type-a dictate my laundry habits, pulling those damn shirts right-side in and taking SOOO much time. Now, I leave them inside out, my time is cut in half AND it is MUCH easier to decipher whose stuff is whose!  My kiddos are VERY similar in size and having the rage staring at me is helpful! I know, the smallest things…
  5. These running photos.  I took them with the self timer up against the fence at GOTR practice on Monday. I had brought Zach for his birthday as a special treat and boy did he enjoy it!  I am SERIOUSLY obsessed with these pics!
  6. Which leads me to…GOTR– I know. I wax poetic often for this organization but I simply cannot say enough amazing things about this amazing organization.  OH, and look at this kid and my girls…
  7. My job.   As you might know, I work for InterExchange Au Pair, USA.  I.  AM.  OBSESSED. I love my job. I love talking to people, both from here and abroad, and helping to forge connections across and between cultural boundaries.  I also love helping families to find flexible, affordable and reliable childcare in the form of au pairs.  I was blessed to have an au pair for two months and it was more amazing than I ever could have imagined.  She truly became a part of my family.  It was epic.     Email me for details!

    Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.19.39 AM.png

    This is hysterical, BTW

  8. MY LIFE.  I feel pretty blessed, to be honest.  I turn 36 tomorrow and have nothing but thanks to give.


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