How to: Making a Level (LEGO) Cake

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Hellooooo!  Happy beautiful Sunday!  I wanted to check in and tell you about this awesome (IMO) LEGO cake I made.


For Zachary’s birthday, I knew there were 3 cakes I would need to be responsible for:  school cupcakes, family Lego cake and LARGE kid-party Lego cake.  The first two were done last week.  The last one for this morning’s party definitely gave me the most hesitation, with good reason.  It was a pain in the ass.  Not going to lie.  Anyway, I got this idea from one of my best friends in my head, Rosanna Pansino, star of “Nerrrrrdy Nummies.”  Obsessed.  Anyway, I watched her YouTube video about said Lego cakes a few times with Zach and then got to work!  The thing I was most concerned with was how to make the cake level.  There are SOOOO many instructions on the internet, so I picked one that utilized things I had at home and gave it whirl. It actually worked perfectly!  See below!  OK, let’s get BAKING!  You will need:


Box cake mix (I made two- one vanilla and once chocolate)- I like box. Always uniform.

4 tubs of frosting and gel food coloring (red, yellow, green and blue)

Large marshmallows

Cooking scissors

Cooking spray

Rectangular 12″ baking pan

Tape measure

Frosting spreaders

Dish towel cut into strips


OK, So…to make a level cake, follow directions on box. Spray pan VERY well.  Cut dish towels into strips and soak in cold water.  Then, pin the strips around the pan. I used paper clips which actually worked perfectly.  GUYS, THIS REALLY WORKS!

Cool completely in the fridge.  I wrapped mine in saran wrap over night. When you are ready to cut the cake into your Lego bricks, you will make sure it is completely cool.   Lay a tap measure across the cake.  You will be making 3 total cuts.  You will cut at 4″ and 8″ to make 3-3 inch wide blocks.  Then, cut the last rectangle in half to make 2 squares.  So, each cake will make 2 longs and 2 squares.  I had 4 chocolate and 4 vanilla.


Now, for the frosting, I microwaved it for about 10 seconds so to make it easier to spread.  Here is where it gets tricky:  you have to put 2 coats of frosting on- the first being the crumb coat, because you cut the cake which makes the frosting crumb-filled.  Avoid this “look” by doing one frosting coat and refrigerating and then doing again.  After you have frosted all Lego bricks, lay out on a large cake board.  Snip the large marshmallows in half. “Frost them” with your fingers- so much easier.  Then, line them up on the bricks to look like the Lego studs!


Chocolate Lego men optional 🙂 I made them from molds and melts.

This is not a great picture but I was really pleased with how it turned out!  And what a great tip regarding a level cake!  I will certainly be using that in the future!  Enjoy!


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