Reflective Run

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Happy #MarathonMonday to everyone. This sure is a special one and I wanted to celebrate by doing a reflective run a la GOTR.  For one of our past lessons, the girls did a 40 minute reflective run where, with no speaking, they thought about any and everything for the whole run.  We processed through the run both before and after.  For mine, I decided to not listen to any music save for some musical meditative prayers and absolutely NO TV.  I decided to dedicate each mile to something different.  Also for each mile ran, I said a mi shebeirach (These comforting words can be said on behalf of those who are ill. Whether friends or loved ones are struggling with physical, emotional or spiritual challenges, this prayer speaks to our desire for their healing. SOURCE).


So, here are my mile dedications:

  1. ME!  I cannot help but to feel incredibly blessed by my health, wealth and happiness. My heart is so full and so I dedicated this mile to me, for my thankfulness and good life.  Also this was a return to running after 5 days of no running due to a foot injury.  What an amazing first mile it was.
  2. My Uncle- Without exposing the privacy of my family, there is a major health struggle in my family right now and my uncle is fighting the good fight. I run for those who cannot, and today, for Sam.
  3. My mother, aunt, new aunt and grandmother- These woman are most affected by the health crisis and so for them, I run.
  4. For my “village”- you know who you are.  You are the ones who make this life worth living. You include my babies, my loves, my peeps 🙂  Thank you thank you.  I wish you all health, happiness and light.
  5.  FOR BOSTON- For EVERYONE affected by the tragedy, ESPECIALLY, my girl Erika Brannock who is currently visiting on site.  Marathon Monday is huge for a runner like me who geeks out like crazy for this stuff, but now has taken on a new meaning since the tragedy.
  6. For Boston’s RENEWAL- For all of the running community, united not only in tragedy but also in HOPE.

Enjoy Marathon Monday!

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