Packing for 3…Kiddos

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Guys.  We are in Disney now, but getting here was only half the fun (insert rolling eyes here).  LOL- I’ll be back with that travel-hell story later.  But for now, I am here to share my type-A, anal retentive tips for packing 3 kiddos.


Bottom row:  PJs by child,  Middle Row: Outfits by child, Top row: specialty items (unders, socks, matched outfits)

  1.  Ziplock bags.  MANY- I reuse these ALWAYS (because, you know, the Earth) as poop diaper bags or snack bags for our travels.  I label them and stuff them while pushing the air out of them for packing ease.
  2. Outfits- I ALWAYS pack in “outfits.” Some people I know like to throw in a pile of shirts and a pile of bottoms.  That makes my stomach ache to even think about 😉  so I pack in outfits. It is SOOO much easier when you arrive and can just pull outfits as needed!
  3. Matchy-Matchy- It makes life SOOOO much easier to get all three littles matching outfits. NO fussing, NO arguing and SOOO much easier to find them in a crowd if needed!


    Plane outfits, but of course!

  4. How MUCH to pack- So, what I do with my kids, noting that they are boyos, is I use a simple algorithm.  OMG what a NERD.  Legit though, so I count the number of days we will be there (I always pack separate for the trip there and back outfits) and I multiply by 1.5 to get the amount of outfits I need.  Because boys be dirty :0  Seriously, though, this rule has always worked for me.  So like, for Disney, I knew I would need essentially 5 days of outfits.  So I packed 7.  BUT I also had an additional matching outfit for the boys for the first day of Disney AND separate plan outfits for the plane there and back.  Sounds crazy, but it works. IMG_7744
  5. (TO SAVE MONEY) Snacks- By all means, pack snacks.  As many snacks as you can!  I stuff a large Ziplock with them and am always SO happy I do.  I also throw a sippy cup for each kid in there (has to be same color, of course (no fighting!), but with different lids to differentiate which child.   This saves so much money because then you can just buy one drink and split among the cups.  Seems obvious but… 🙂
  6. Separate accessories- Underwear, socks, etc. need to be separated, and not just thrown in the side pocket, for us, because then we are fishing around for 18m versus 4T, vs 5T yada yada. Not fun.  So…Ziplock.  Geeeeez, you’d think this was #sponsored It isn’t 🙂

Oh, and then have one of your sidekicks carry your luggage 🙂  Teehee, what a cutie, no?!


What are your packing tips?

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