Nothing Given. Everything Earned.

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This was on the back of a shirt of a man I followed for a bit during today’s Broad Street Run.  I REALLY like that statement.  I felt it pertinent today.  I worked my ass off to train for today and I put in ALL of my effort.  I had a good race, I felt great the whole time. I was well-rested (despite the many miles walked through Disney) and fueled/hydrated.  I am proud of myself.  It was a good race.  Love Run was not, so coming after that, I was extra pleased.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.37.45 PM

Also,  as I searched for my results today, I wanted to look at my previous times/data and do a little comparison.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.38.01 PM

Some thoughts:

-Last year (2015) was not a good race for me; I was getting back form running since my January birth to G.  I remember my scar aching.  BUT, I finished a 10 mile race averaging less than 10 min/miles only 4 months after welcoming G into the world.  Impressive 🙂

-I do not remember anything about the 2013 race.  LOL.  Really.  There might be a recap on here somewhere?

-My PR was in 2014.  I was 2 years out from the birth of Zachary and in GREAT shape.  Great time too!

NOW WHAT?! OK, so Love Run is done, Broad Street is done. What is next?  Well, as you might know, I ALWAYS stay in “half Mary” shape. That means that I will continue to do a png run each week of around 10 miles, ya know, just in case I want to go run a half marathon, spur of the moment.  #crazymotherrunner Reminds me of a sign I saw yesterday that said “Running is a mental sport and you are all insane.”  No joke 🙂


HUGE shout out to my “fan man” giving me a BIG thumbs up. Swoon.

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