Make this Cole Slaw Now and Other Randomness

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I just texted my mom that (“make this cole slaw now”) bc she doesnt read this.  Seriously though, make this now. I usually make cole slaw with red wine vinegar but after seeing other alternatives via a Blue Apron recipe, I made some GOOOOOOOD substitutions:  Fresh squeezed lime juice, which adds natural acidity and just adds a “crisp” taste.  YUMMMMM and so easy. IMG_0163

Oh also, the mayo.  DO NOT use low fat.  Yuck yuck yuck. You are only using 2 tbsp.  So just don’t.  It tastes yuck, has more chemicals, and is not worth it.  🙂  PSA 🙂  More on that, I tend to now use full-fat everything when I cook.  When I was younger I think I would’ve been super shocked by that.  I used to be a bit “low fat, fat free” person but now I do full fat everything (and save the “diet” and chemicals for my soda :)).  I know that I run, so that helps with the extras from the “full fat stuff” but I naturally use less of it bc it is the real deal and it really isn’t that big a difference in the scheme of things.  I got really good advice one time to look at your diet over a whole week; an aggregate of what you’ve eaten, rather than a snapshot.  Because it is really is about balance, as annoying as cliche that sounds.  Anyway, I know, you came here for a cole slaw recipe- go try it and enjoy!


OK, moving on.  So, I’ve been suuuuuper busy with so many good things!  So thankful.  But legit, REALLY REALLY busy.  Today I was running from gym to a business meeting and was obviously holding Gabe and Trying to get a pic of my (cute, albeit better for sitting lol) shoes.  This is the one I captured.  #momproblems LOL!


Finally, this little cutie showing off my new additions today!!! LOOOOOOVE. THIS. SHOE.


And now, they sell them on Amazon!!!!  Get them.  Seriously.  OK, bye now!


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