Mother’s Day at the PTM

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Hi friends!  Getting ready for a big move, but I wanted to get this post up first.  I CANNOT say enough AMAZING things about our brunch at the Please Touch Museum this morning.  The museum has planned this event for the past few years and we attended last year.  This year we decided to attend again, albeit last minute and BOY did it not disappoint!


My mama with my first born

It. Was. Fabulous.


Sorry- pics of food are grainy. I was too busy trying to fill my plate (and the littles’ of course).  Even Curious George was there!


We were THRILLED that they held this year’s event in the carousel house which meant free unlimited carousel rides and a GORGEOUS setting/view!  I literally CANNOT say enough good things about this event.


EVERYONE enjoyed themselves and the awesome swag alone made it worth eh $30/person price tag. It was actually SO reasonable for everything we got!  The price included the museum opened up for US ONLY for 2 hours, unlimited food/beverage (they had great cups for kids, and eats for kids which was a super plus), unlimited carousel rides, and as I said AWESOME swag.  I was SOOOOO hoping they would have the same thing they gave away last year; an awesome mini-backpack that I use DAILY as the boys’ mini diaper bag and now has a whole from so much usage!  Well, PTM did NOT disappoint!  New mini pack packs AND Curious George books for all!  Plus they gave us all these beautiful plants that will have a home in our new house!


OK, have to go finish packing, speaking of new home 🙂  Just HAD to share this event. What a lovely MD 2016!  Happy happy to all who celebrated, and thoughts with all who struggle to be a mom.  Not everyone is a member of this amazing club, and we should always be sensitive of those struggling.


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