Hulk Pudding Cups

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So, when your little is the “kid of the day,” and you are responsible for snack (and your little guy is super into helping you cook), you make HULK PUDDING CUPS!  Boy were these popular.  But moreover, they were SUPER fun to make and my loyal servants were more than happy to help 🙂


Zach and I watch an AMAZING Youtube series called Nerdy Nummies.  In fact, I was THRILLED to get Rosanna’s new cookbook (GET IT HERE- it is amazing)

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.04.58 PM

as a recent gift and even more thrilled to make another Nerdy Nummie creation in our (new and amazing) kitchen!  Try these at home!


So, make pudding according to the box.  Add in BLUE food coloring (because the vanilla pudding tends to be on the yellow spectrum and ya know, yellow and blue make green) until it is of the desired color.  While it is still soft, pour from a pitcher into your clear plastic cups that you have already drawn eyebrows eyes and mouth on.  While the pudding is hardening, put a few chocolate graham crackers in a plastic bag, get a hammer and put your helpers to work!


Um…can we talk about the joy in this picture and how much it warms my heart!?

These crumbs will make the adorable Hulk hair.  Then, have your littles pour spoonfuls of the “hair” onto the top of the pudding.  SUUUUPER cute and yummy!


Really though, we all LOVED this little project!  Enjoy!


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