How to make your bedroom into a hotel oasis

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Guys.  I love sleeping. I love my bed.  And now…I LOVE my bedroom.  When we moved into the new house, one of my primary goals was to make our bedroom a serene oasis for us that resembled hotel living.  I like hotels.  Like a lot.  The simplicity of the decor, the cleanliness and the smells are extremely calming for me.  So, here are some tips for making your bedroom more of a hotel haven.


  • Less is better.  Do NOT clutter the bedroom with stuff.  When you are in your bedroom, especially to sleep, the clearer your mind is, the better.  And in my experience, the more simple and less cluttered a room is, the more conducive it is to that.
  • All white linens.  When I switched to ALL white linens upon moving to the new house, I noticed an immediate change in the appearance of the room as well as the feel.  There is NOTHING like crisp clean white linens.  This duvet cover and set is actually cheaper than the one I have so it would be a great choice if you so desire.  Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.48.04 PM
  • Pillows. The more the merrier.  Seriously, go buy yourself some of these pillows and thank me later 🙂  This set of two is less than $25  and you can NEVER have enough pillows.
  • Neutral colors.  Beige, grey and white are our colors and while I sometimes can’t resist a pop of colors in other rooms, I like to keep it to these neutral colors to create a calming effect.
  • Scent.  I have this candle burning almost constantly. And I LOVE it.  IMG_0337It gives the bedroom a spa-like smell and feel and it cannot be beat.  This candle is EVERYTHING.  They have a small size one here, but I burned through that one oh so quickly so I bought the large one here.
  • Sound Machine- I used to think these were only for babies and toddlers, but when I started using one myself…holyyyyyyyy gooooood sleeeeeeeep.  My favorite is one that makes a strong wind noise like this one.  It has exponentially increased my sleep quality and we have one on each bedside table.  Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.41.12 PM
  • OMG coffee.  Seriously though, don’t talk to me until I have at least one sip.  🙂  Really though, with the size of our bedroom and the layout, we thought it would be really need to include a coffee station.  Because we merged two households we had an extra Keurig that will now reside in our bedroom.  Seriously, though, how hotel is THAT?!

OK, well I hope you enjoyed these tips!  A good night sleep is worth anything

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