What I have learned from Blue Apron

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Hello hello!  Long time no talk, but I promise I am back with some awesome posts, including today’s- what I learned from Blue Apron.  You see, a while back when I signed up for this awesome service, I was relatively rookie-ish in the kitchen.  AKA I didn’t know much.  I could basically make tacos, grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and the like. You know, basically what kids eat. Because isn’t that what is most important!?  For sure, but then I saw that I could do MORE!  And especially upon moving into this new house with a fabulous kitchen, I am ready to take my cooking to a new level.


And, I mean, let’s be honest, I don’t hate cooking for this handsome guy.  And somehow he LOVES my cooking!  Score!

So, without further ado, here are some quick tips I’ve learned along the way from Blue Apron:

  1.  How to make a good “slaw”                                                  IMG_1105
  2. To salt and pepper all meat or fish, on both sides, after patting dry from washing (and to do so generously!)                                                       IMG_1107
  3. To cook fish with skin down first                                         IMG_1108
  4. The importance of preparing food so to make the “cooking” part easier!IMG_0694
  5. How to “zest” a lemon without a lemon zester…oh and what to do with said zest!  See above pic, bottom right 🙂
  6. Add a slab of butter to anything. Just kidding. Sort of.  Well, certainly add a bit when flipping your sautéing meat!                             IMG_0695
  7. Everything tastes better when first drudged in flour.  It is relatively few extra calories but makes a HUGE difference.  Even when I am cooking chicken to top a salad now, I like to drudge in flour first for some added crispness.
  8. How to toast a bun in your pan; Ive typically only toasted in oven or toaster…so this makes things easier!                                                                 IMG_1110
  9. How to make a fish or crab cake- seriously SO much easier than I had thought!
  10. Finally, always ALWAYS, have cute sous chefs!

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