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Hey hey hey!  So, I get many questions about “how we do it?” You know, the whole “3 boys at a time thing” lol.  So, at our (amazing but crazy at times) home, we will have anywhere from 0 (not often) to 3 (most often) boys at a time.  We actually feel is is most fun when we have ALL 3 boys, but here are 10 things that we have learned along the way!


  1. Food- These boys truly “eat us out of house and home.”  The whole “buying in bulk” thing is legit.  I mean, think about it- just for breakfast:  5-6 eggs, 3 bagels, 6 strips of bacon and a ton of fruit.  And that is only for the littles!  Our grocery bills are sort of out of control, and I am working on it, but it is somewhat inevitable!  I am actually considering a BJs or Costco membership which I never considered before on account of my lack of storage in my city home.  But, it is becoming a better option with our amazing storage in our new home and…#allthebills LOLIMG_0971
  2. Super Hero/Star Wars Knowledge– OK, I was a Barbie playing, hair braiding, Polly Pocket toting little girl.  I knew not a THING about “boy toys.”  Well, having all boys certainly fixes this real fast!


    Secret: I MIGHT have had to ask the man for a brief history of the super heroes. PS:  Is that face not to die for!? SO CUTE.

  3. ER- I play Dr. Mommy a LOT; the boys are rough and LOVE to rumble and tumble.  They are quite durable, however, I do feel that each day we get through with no need trips to the hospital is a win! You guys know what I mean, right!?  We get a lot of booboos but luckily “Dr. Mommy” has been able to fix them all (thus far- now go knock on wood!).
  4. ALL THE TOYS-  OMG I can’t even speculate as to how many toys we actually have in our home.  Now, I am VERY good at cleaning and straightening. In fact, the kids make fun of me because “EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE!”  LOL. But I can tell you that every place I look, there you will find a toy!  Case in point below.


    I spy a toy car, a Mr. Potato head part and a train track.  Sweet. 

  5. Clothes-  Three. Of. Everything.  Really.  So luckily, I have a 5T, 4T and 2T which makes it super easy to sort the clothing.  But truly when I buy something, I buy in 3s!  Places like Carters and Target where clothing is relatively inexpensive are my friend!IMG_1320 Ha!  And that brings us to the whole “laundry game.”  Holy moly.  I literally feel like I do a load a day.  And it could be possible!


    Come rescue me!  I’m under the pile buried between Minion undies and an R2D2 tshirt!

  6. Not-so-hand-me-downs. Yea, so speaking of clothing, I had big dreams of using those hand me downs and saving a ton of ca$h.  BUT, then reality set in.  Kids (esp boys) are DIRTY.  Like stain stain stain dirty…                IMG_1561 AND that whole “size not matching up” is also a prohibitor of the hand-me-down.


    Yea, so the little got an adorable NEW pair of Toms because of aforementioned hand-me-down issues 🙂

  7. Bathroom Woes- Look. I grew up in a house of girls.  I truly thought the whole “put the toilet seat down” thing was a bit exaggerated and lord knows, it never affected me!  But boys, oh my.  I can’t even tell you how many “close calls” I’ve had with the bowl.  Butt, meet water.  I know, TMI.  But it really is an issue!  I would say the seat is up far more often than down!  Ahhhh and speaking of bathroom woes- The ring around the bowl!?  Any other boy moms have this issue!? I have to clean around the bowl daily for those “missing” or with poor aim.  And speaking of aim… three words: LIGHT.  SABER.  FIGHTS.  Anyone else’s boys do this?!  It is too funny but creates quite the mess!  LOL.                                                                IMG_1568
  8. Potty talk- Geez, seems like I’m “on a roll (LOL)” with the toilet talk, and maybe this is just a 3-4 year old (sometimes 18 month old) thing not unique to boys, but we are having a TON of potty talk in our home.  The older boys just taught Gabe to say “biiiiiig butt.”  I know.  It is funny though!!!  #momoftheyear
  9. So alike but so different- You know, it is funny.  The boys are definitely alike in many ways.  They all love Legos. They all love treats.  They all…I could go on and on.  BUT, they are also VERY different.  They each have their own dupe route personalities and we make sure to spend individual time with each of the boys and attempt to cater to their individual needs and personalities.  I think is is SUPER important and a huge reason that we are successful in maintaining and safe, loving and happy home. And, in case you are wondering, each boy has their favorite “toy type.”  5T= Transformers, 4T= Legos and 2T= Anything Elmo 🙂                                   IMG_0636
  10. SO.MUCH.LOVE- This is obviously the BEST part of life with 3 boys.  And let me tell you, my heart swells MANY times daily and it is ALL worth it!  I will clean pee, do laundry, shop at wholesale clubs, etc. and smile through it all.  Because THIS is the life.  SO BLESSED.

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